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Meeting Date: 09/19/2023  
Co-Submitter: Nathan Naliborski From: Kristin Decker, Special Services Supervisor

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Ratify the Cooperative Purchase Contract for Nine (9) 2023 Chevrolet Tahoes for the Flagstaff Police Department from Courtesy Chevrolet in the amount of $435,708.77, plus applicable fees and taxes.
  1. Ratify the contract to purchase of Nine (9) 2023 Chevrolet Tahoes 5W4 SSV for the Flagstaff Police Department vehicles from Courtesy Chevrolet in the amount of $435,708.77, plus applicable fees and taxes; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
On July 29, 2022 the City held a formal solicitation of Bid#2023-04 in which local state vendors applied to this competitive solicitation. The City followed all State and City procurement codes and rules. PFVT Motors, LLC dba Peoria Ford was awarded the contract to provide ten (10) Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid vehicles. The City of Flagstaff Police Department has since canceled the Council-awarded contract with Peoria Ford because that company could not complete the order as agreed upon. The Flagstaff Police Department wishes to ratify the contract purchase of Nine (9) 2023 Chevrolet Tahoes 5W4 SSV for Police Department vehicles from Courtesy Chevrolet in the amount of $435,708.77, plus applicable fees and taxes to replace the (10) ten vehicles that were never received.
Financial Impact:
For Fiscal Year 2022-2023, the Fleet Management Committee advocated on behalf of the Police Department to provide $500,000 in one-time dollars to refresh the patrol fleet. The average patrol vehicle life expectancy is six (6) years or 125,000 miles. At the time our fleet consisted of (48) patrol vehicles. Fourteen (14) vehicles or twenty-nine percent (29%) met the end of life criteria for age or mileage or both. The contract with Peoria Ford would have helped to refresh the City's fleet to a healthier state and would have also assisted with the City’s goal of reducing our carbon footprint as the hybrid models were replacing gasoline vehicles.
Currently, our fleet numbers have dropped to forty-one (41). Our need for patrol vehicles to replace the ones we have lost due to mechanical issues or accidents as well as the above referenced aging or high mileage has increased to the point where there was concern that we would not have enough patrol vehicles on the road for officers. Further, due to the status of our older fleet, even routine maintenance can mean a vehicle is out for a few days to a few weeks. We routinely have six to eight (6-8) vehicles out at any one time for service.

All in-state contracted providers and a few off-contract providers were contacted by Nathan Naliborski, Fleet Manager, to attempt to locate a provider that could supply hybrid vehicles for police use. None were found. As a result, and after consultation with City Manager Clifton, Senior Deputy City Manager Anderson, Deputy City Manager Keene, the $500,000 onetime dollars were shifted to another contracted provider, Courtesy Chevrolet. They were able to provide nine (9) non-hybrid Chevy Tahoe SSV patrol vehicles.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Council Goals-
Personnel: Attract and Retain Quality Staff
Transportation and Other Public Infrastructure: Replace aging infrastructure
Carbon Neutrality Plan
It remains a priority for the Flagstaff Police Department to seek hybrid vehicle models for patrol. The department reverted to gasoline models in this instance since hybrid models were unavailable. Currently, fourteen (14) of our fleet or 31% of our fleet is hybrid.
Regional Plan
Goal PF.3. Provide high-quality emergency response and public safety services including law enforcement, fire, medical and ambulance service.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
The Flagstaff Police Department sought special permission from Greg Clifton, City Manager to purchase the nine (9) non-hybrid Chevy Tahoe patrol vehicles in response to our need to have patrol vehicles on the road for public safety. Our fleet numbers had dropped from forty-eight (48) to forty-one (41). The current fleet of forty-one (41) is aging and at any given time we have 6-8 of these vehicles off the road for preventative maintenance and service. We have already had one incidence of not having enough patrol vehicles road worthy for the number of officers on shift resulting in an officer doubling up in a vehicle.
The Flagstaff Police Department’s patrol fleet is normally fifty (50) vehicles. Due to age, mileage, vehicle damage or accidents, our fleet has since dropped to forty-one (41). Our normal budget for fleet allows for two to four (2-4) new vehicles per year for replacements. Despite this, the Fleet Management Committee acknowledged that we were still in need of additional vehicles to refresh our aging fleet. The $500,000 one-time dollars allocated for this purpose in April of 2022 was to aid in this purpose. Unfortunately, our awarded contract provider, Peoria Ford, was unable to fulfill this request leaving the police department short vehicles and approaching the inability to keep officers on the road for public safety.
The nine (9) Chevy Tahoe SSV gasoline models authorized for purchase has brought our fleet numbers back up to fifty (50). These are SUV models which allow for enough room for officer and safety gear and are all wheel drive which allow for better maneuverability in ice and snow. They will be up-fitted with lights, partitions, sirens, and radio consoles, etc. prepare them for police patrol
In addition, six (6) more patrol vehicles are scheduled for retirement fiscal year 2024. These include four (4) Ford Taurus sedan two-wheel drive models and two (2) Ford Police Interceptor gasoline SUV models that have over 145,000 miles on them.
Future procurements will continue to focus on meeting the City’s carbon neutrality goals by seeking to purchase hybrid patrol vehicles.

City of Flagstaff Procurement department utilized the State of Arizona, Procurement Department, Public Sector conducted a competitive and open procurement process through Request for Proposal Solicitation No. BPM004157 that resulted in Contract No. CTR059315 with Contractor (“Agency Contract”).
Contract 2024-06
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