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DAY OF WEEK: Tuesday 
DATE: September 28, 2021
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12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge
Alexander Davenport

Russell Randall, Vice Chair
3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation

5. Information Items To/From Inclusion a and Adaptive Living Commission Members

Vice Chair Russell Randall stated, The community of practice transitions team will be hosting a remote transition fair. Vice Chair Russell Randell asked for a discussion item to be added, asked staff Liaison if it would be okay regarding a a Q & A for PD.

Staff Liaison, Lisa Keita, stated, "We can add the discussion as the last item, because we will not have the presentation for HR today."

Alexander Davenport, stated, the Arizona community foundation awarded us a grant to start an adaptive rock-climibing event that would be held monthly at the center, and the Craig Nelson foundation has funded a 2 year grant starting in May 20222 for an adaptive mountain biking program. This program will be offering bikes clinics in fort tuthill and then flagstaff.

6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita, Staff Liaison
B. Estella Hollander, NAIPTA, stated I have two updates. The Coordinated Mobility Council that Jamie also chairs met to discuss wheelchair transportation challenges and solutions for older adults and disabled people. The group will meet quarterly to research and discuss wheelchair accessibility vehicles with companies such as Uber and Lyft and tax services because there is a god in wheelchair accessibility for this group. The second update is the micro transit pilot program for the Huntingdon industrial corridor has been postpone till the second week of October due to operator shortages. In addition once started the flexible transportation service will service specific areas in the Huntington and industrial corridor, such as delivery people to the food bank and shelter. She also stated she is the liaison for transportation and if there are any other topics others would like to discuss let her know.

Martin Ince wanted to reports that representative Kaitlyn Verfuerth did well representing flagstaff in the Para Olympics in Tokyo, and did herself and flagstaff proud. He also stated, that his department had released the cities draft activity transportation plan for 60 day review. It is about enhancing walking and biking but is also related to mobility. if the commission is willing he can come back and do a presentation and cover the plan.

Chair Jamie Martinez agreed.
C. Michele Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI, stated, the virtual transition fair is for October 20th, and that they are looking for a 5 minute video presentation that address the youth to help them transition from school to work. Michelle stated, Estella Hollander has agreed to do one video but they need a few more people and the due date for submittal is October 11th.

Chair Jamie Martinez, stated that if he could find someone where he works to participate he will.

Commissioner Monica Attridge motioned to approve the minutes
Commissioner Alexander Davenport second the motion.
The motion was unanimous.
8. Date of Next Meeting - October 26, 2021
A. Alan Keay Human Resource Manager will present on how it ensures that people who are differently abled are represented as City of Flagstaff employees.
B. Moved to the October 26th meeting.
A. Martin Ince, Mobility Project Manager. Update regarding grant application for improvement
to Buffalo Park.
Martin stated, "We have hired and archeologist to do a cultural survey which was a requirement for the grant application that has been completed we can submit that with the application. We need a letter of authorization through the city council we have schedule a meeting for October 19th for that approval. Finally, we have been in contact with the state they have their online grant system is up and running they want to take all the grants to state board in November and have given us an approximate deadline the middle of October to get it submitted we are on track to do so, and if it goes to the board in November, they think it will be ready for funding the beginning of next year."

Chair Jamie Martinez, stated, I think it's wonderful we are moving forward, Martin how about the letters of support are we in need of those soon?

Martin Ince stated, he could not find on the application where the letters of support could be submitted but is checking on that as the online application process has been updated and will let supporters know how they can submit their express support by letter given at the formal meeting.
B. Jeremy DeGeyter Project Manager for Capitol Improvements City of Flagstaff. Update on
Design Concept 2 regarding Library Accessibility (Ramp)

Concerns brought up about art placement and safety with sharp placement has been addressed, we work with the artist, fabrication, and risk management to elevate those concerns. Outline of trees on the object, are rounded the corners and we added a finish that removes sharp edges and eliminated holes that would be a finger catch size, we also added a handrail, the art piece will still remain in touch capacity. That is a brief update on the safety aspect. On the design aspects, not much has changed in the overall layout, we just reeled the flag at the east of the project, working through issues with that. Our primary focus is that our concrete surface texture will have an integral color, and all of the score marks, we saw cut these joints to make them smoother, so there is no bumpiness, and the final thing is the lines in the pathway will be saw cut and not tooled. The saw cut joints will be thinner and non-intrusive. 5 to 6 sawcut that are a foot wide, a little asthenic will also be there to indicate how to follow the pathway.

Vice Chair Russell Randall thanked Jeremy for coming to update the council and thanks the sawcuts are a good idea.

Added item overview which will be tabled for discussion at the October 26th meeting

Vice Chair Russell Randall had two questions regarding the percentage of training for crisis intervention training and mental health courses from the flagstaff P.D.

Staff Liaisons Lisa Keita, stated, she would talk to staff Liaison Alan Keay, and recommend a request for PD to come to November meeting for a Question and Answer session.

Commissioner Alexander Davenport noted that the November meeting was right before the holiday.

Chair Jamie Martinez asked everyone to look at their calendars to see if the commission could meet November 30th the week after the holiday or the week before the holiday and email he with their availability and he would send that information to staff Liaison Lisa Keita.


Michelle Hozhoni update on Transition fair

Estella Hollander update on Micro transit

Alan Keay Human Resource Manager will present on how it ensures that people who are differently abled are represented as City of Flagstaff employees.

Martin Ince update on buffalo Park and update on 60 day review of enhancement of walking and bike trails.

Discussion item
Vice Chair Russell Randall questions regarding PD presentation requesting a Q and A session with PD


Chair Jamie Martinez, adjourned the meeting at 12:46 pm.

The undersigned hereby certifies that a copy of the foregoing notice was duly posted at Flagstaff City Hall on                      , at                a.m./p.m. This notice has been posted on the City's website and can be downloaded at

Dated this               day of                                       , 2021.

Alan Keay, Human Resources Manager


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