SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
             1:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order
  Chair Duke called the meeting to order at 1:32 PM.
2. Roll Call
Robert "Dan" Duke, Chair
Christine Tucci
Mandy Martinez Gebler
Claire Hardi
Marcela Pino
Jean Toner
DeAnn Wegwert, Vice Chair

Others in attendance:
  • Jessica Vigorito - Staff Liaision
  • Mayor Paul Deasy joined at 1:36 pm
3. Public Comment
4. Approval of Minutes
A. Consideration and Approval of Minutes: Commission on Diversity Awareness Meeting of August 17, 2021.
Approve the minutes of the Commission on Diversity Awareness Meeting of August 17, 2021. 
  Chair Duke motioned for the August 17, 2021 minutes to be approved. Commissioner Pino seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.
B. Consideration and Approval of Minutes: Commission on Diversity Awareness Special Meeting of September 2, 2021.
Approve the minutes of the Commission on Diversity Awareness Special Meeting of September 2, 2021. 
  Chair Duke motioned for the September 2, 2021 minutes to be approved. Commissioner Pino seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.
5. Date of Next Meeting - October 19, 2021 at 1:30pm
6. Action Items
7. Reports/Discussion Items
A. Liaison Update on Virtual Board and Commission Meetings
  Staff Liaison provided the Update from the City Clerk's Office on Virtual Board and Commission Meetings 
B. Proclamations Work Group Update 
  • Commissioner Toner reminded the group that Commissioner Gebler is also on the Proclamation workgroup and the next Proclamation will be Black History Month in February. 
  • The workgroup will also work on a new Proclamation for Mental Health Awareness Month in March.  
i. Liaison Update on Proclamations
  • Staff Liaison informed the Commission that the Native American Heritage Month Proclamation is scheduled to be read at the November 2nd City Council meeting. If any Commissioners will be in attendance the Liaison asked for the Commissioners to notify her so the Mayor is aware whether a Commission member will be present to accept the Proclamation. 
  • Staff Liaison informed the Commission that the Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation was read at the September 7, 2021 Council meeting and can be viewed online. THe link to the Council meeting recording is in the agenda.  
    • Commissioner Toner stated she was at the Council meeting. Mayor Deasy noted that Commissioner Toner was present virtually and clarified the process for a Commission member that is in attendance for future Council meetings.  
C. Recommendations to Council
Updates on Recommendations 
  • Recommendation to the Flagstaff City Council for a city ordinance regarding equitable restroom availability
    • Commissioner Toner updated the Commission that this received support from Council.
    • Mayor Deasy informed the group that the FAIR item was unanimously approved to move forward.
    • The staff liaison will follow up once the item is listed on a Council agenda for discussion.
    • Commissioner Toner was at the Council meeting and expressed thanks to the Council for their consideration of the recommendation and approval to proceed with the request.
      • Commissioner Toner reminded the group that the Aquaplex implemented single use stalls already as noted in the CODA August 17th minutes. 
Recommendations for Consideration 

Anti Camping Ordinance  - Update from the Workgroup 
  • Chair Duke has a meeting scheduled for Monday, September 27th with the Sunshine Rescue Mission.
  • Commissioner Pino stated the workgroup will have an update for the October meeting and reminded the group that this item was already brought up as Council FAIR. Commissioner Pino expressed support for this item even if it is not moving forward as a Fair item.
  • Mayor Deasy stated FAIR did not proceed for Anti Camping Ordinance but a Temporary anti camping request from Councilmember Shimoni and Mayor Deasy may be requested. Mayor Deasy also stated there will be more discussion at the Council level in the future on this topic.  
  • Commissioner Wegwert stated appreciation that the issue is not being ignored.
  • Commissioner Gebler asked if Chair Duke has reached out to Flagstaff Shelter Services. Chair Duke responded he has not yet and Commissioner Gebler offered to reach out or help with this contact if needed.   
D. Current Commission Priorities
i. Workgroup Update
Land Acknowledgment and Involvement with the Renaming of the Peaks and Snowbowl expansion plans
  • Vice Chair Wegwert, Commissioner Tucci and Commissioner Toner are the workgroup members. The workgroup drafted a proposed statement for the FAIR item that was approved on Land Acknowledgement.  Commissioner Toner read the recommendation to the Commission. Commissioner Pino asked what the next steps are. Mayor Deasy informed the group that it was supported as FAIR and moving forward the Council is pending the Indigenous Commission approving the language in addition to the City Attorney.
  • The staff Liaison will get the date this will be on Council agenda and send it to the Commission. Commissioner Wegwert would like to have the workgroup members all attend when this item is discussed at Council so they can read their recommendation. 
  • Commissioner Pino seconded the motion to have the workgroup present the amended recommendation brought to Council. Chair Duke asked for all in favor of the recommendation with the edits and all responded in favor of the recommendation. 
  • Commissioner Toner asked the commission if they would support a recommendation to Council on the Renaming of the Peaks even though the change is a federal level change. Commissioner Pino and Chair Duke stated they would support a recommendation to Council to support the renaming.
  • Commissioner Pino suggested a joint statement or support statement to the Indigenous Commission.
  • It was recommended to ask for the CODA to get on the Indigenous Commission agenda for October to have the CODA introduce themselves and ask how they can support the Indigenous commission on this topic. 
  • Commissioner Wegwert, Commissioner Tucci, Commissioner Toner and Chair Duke can be present at the October meeting if the Indigenous Commission is able to have their Commission present. 
E. Future Priorities
  • Criminal Justice conversation with Flagstaff Police Department
    • Discussion of the Alternate Response Model project/proposal/Request For Proposal/town hall, etc.
  • Conversation with Downtown Business Alliance including literature to distribute
  • Civil Rights
  • Commissioner Toner reminded group of the town hall meeting this Friday and asked if we should keep this item under future priorities.
  • Commissioner Gebler will be attending the meeting and asked for the ARM project to be added to next month’s agenda.
  • Commissioner Gebler left the meeting at 2:35pm.
  • Commissioner Wegwert agreed to list the Alternate Response Model project as a separate agenda item for October meeting.
8. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
A. Future Proclamations
Black History Month February
B. Partnerships/Presentations
Discuss potential presentations to Inclusive and Adaptive Living Commission, Indigenous
Commission, 3 County Diversity Councils, NAU (Diversity Fellows), CCC
9. Adjourment
  Chair Duke adjourned the meeting at 2:45 PM.


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