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Meeting Date: 09/21/2021  
From: Eliza Kretzmann, Beautification, Arts & Sciences Manager

Recognition of Bus Art Winners and Consideration and Acceptance of: Beautification and Public Art Commission recommendations for Bus Art Project on Climate Change and Hope
Accept recommendations of Beautification and Public Arts Commission related to a bus art project on climate change and hope. 

This project is a collaboration between the Beautification and Public Art Commission and the Sustainability Commission. The theme is climate change and hope. Research suggests that despair and fear-based messaging surrounding climate change breeds inactivity and feelings of helplessness, whereas hope-based messaging promotes individual action. The project was led by a Beautification, Arts and Sciences AmeriCorps VISTA member.

Five artists were selected, and vinyl art panels of their work are now displayed on the curbside ad space of Mountain Lion buses. Art will be displayed for about one year. Selected artists include two high school (or recent high school graduate) artists, as well as professional artists.

Selected Artists:

Luke Giles is a senior at Flagstaff High School. He states he has a technical mind, loves graphic design, and has a big soft side. He writes, “the things that matter most to me are finding love, loving a job that I will work for (for the rest of my life), and cherishing the things that I already have.”

Dana Kamberg is a local artist best known for her graphic illustration and portraiture work. Her work was featured in the Heartbox Gallery in downtown Flagstaff, the Refuse des Salon show in Sedona, and in Create! Magazine. Dana was also involved in the recent mural for Salsa Brava off of Route 66. Looking ahead, she intends to continue her work in community-based projects and further her personal exploration in utilizing portraiture as a means of representation and advocacy.

Nate Nise is a photographer and graphic designer from Arizona who gets his inspiration from the natural landscapes of the Earth. His goal is to continue exploring landscapes around the world, showcasing one-of-a-kind locations, and emphasizing the importance of protecting them.

Beau Arenas Ortiz is a recent high school graduate who works in the fields of graphic design and visual arts. He earned a Graphic Design certificate and an Adobe Photoshop certificate at Flagstaff High School. He is passionate about climate change issues and hopes to spark change with his designs.

Kayley Quick is a Flagstaff-based artist that uses a variety of mediums to create work – both physical and digital. Kayley graduated with a degree in Art Education in 2009 from Northern Arizona University, and currently teaches graphic design at Flagstaff High School.

Per the Flagstaff City Code, BPAC makes recommendations to City Council concerning public art proposals.  The City Manager has authority to enter into the bus art contracts based on the dollar amount. Grant awards are $750 each, and the grants are funded by the 2% local transportation tax on the hospitality industry (the BBB tax).


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