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Meeting Date: 09/14/2021  
Co-Submitter: Sara Dechter, AICP From: Jordan Hollinger, Associate Planner

Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030: 2020 Annual Report
Discussion only
As required by law, our Comprehensive Planning staff has prepared the 2020 Annual Report of the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030. This is the seventh assessment of the City’s efforts to implement the Plan, showing progress towards comprehensive data tracking and incorporating the Plan into decision-making processes. The City’s commitment to produce an annual report helps to determine future specific plan needs and Plan amendments, advancing the idea that the Plan is a living document.
The purpose of the annual report is to keep Planning and Zoning Commissioners, City Council, and the public informed of the City’s progress towards meeting the goals and policies of the Regional Plan. The 2020 Annual Report does this in several ways, the report:
  1. Measures the City and County’s success in achieving plan goals and policies through metrics that indicate progress toward the region’s future vision.
  2. Documents growth trends and compares those trends to plan objectives.
  3. Identifies policy and development actions that affect the plan’s implementation.
  4. Identifies Plan goals cited most often in staff memos to the City Council.
  5. Summarizes amendments and planning efforts accomplished.
  6. Explains difficulties in implementing the plan.
  7. Identifies current and upcoming amendments, and specific plan work is shown.
  8. Reviews any outside agencies’ actions affecting the plan.
Who is the audience for this report?
Arizona law requires that the City Council receive a report on the Regional Plan annually. Many other cities have done this through a qualitative presentation, but Flagstaff elected to make the Regional Plan Annual Report a quantitative and interdisciplinary report that can be reviewed by any citizen. The report is published on the website and is intended to keep decision-makers throughout the City informed of current trends and to provide a platform for the next plan update, which begins this year.

Metrics, Data, and Analysis
The Regional Plan contains 75 goals organized into 15 chapters or elements.  The elements are then organized into the Natural, Built, and Human Environment sections of the Plan. This Annual Report mimics that organization because it provides a consistent, long-term framework for evaluating the City's progress.
The Annual Report compiles more than 60 metrics across multiple data sources and subject areas. City Staff throughout multiple departments work to make sure that the data represented in this report is as replicable and as valid as possible. When an error is found, or the data source is revised, staff corrects data within the next year’s report.  There are numerous metrics that were identified in Appendix D of the Flagstaff Regional Plan, which are missing from the report.  Some are provided by the City or other agencies on a less than annual basis and some still need to be developed, such as the roadway connectivity metric for the Built Environment.
Within each section, metrics are divided into topics.  For each topic, metrics are displayed in a table and footnotes are provided to give context to the methodology behind the number. After each table of metrics, a brief summary analyzes the trends for the topic.

Accomplishments and Future Regional Plan Work
The Annual Report provides a qualitative review of the work done by staff to keep the Regional Plan up-to-date and reports the progress of Specific Plans. The Report also includes an outline of proposed future plan amendments. The Report gives the public an opportunity to provide feedback on suggested changes and strategies early and often.
If you have questions or require clarification on the contents of this staff report, please contact Jordan Hollinger, Associate Planner at or (928) 213-2615.

Annual Report Presentation
2020 Annual Report


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