Heritage Preservation Commission

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Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

Bump Bridge 108 Phoenix Ave ROW
Permit Number(s): PZ-20-00156
Address: 108 W Phoenix Ave (across from 107, Zani)
Type of Action: Ongoing IDS Review
The project proposed is to rehabilitate and replace a set of failing bridges. The on system bridge with ADOT had its status confirmed with SHPO, though it does have some historic integrity it does not have sufficient integrity rating to require SHPO to mandate mitigation requirements. The concrete railing portion of the project does contribute to the historic appearance of the original path of Historic Route 66. The railing has detailed recessed fenestration. The project is being addressed internally by Flagstaff Engineering Department for replacement with a box culvert configuration. The project staff has indicated that a new railing will replicate the old removed. Some comments reflect the potential for further interpretation and the potential for artistic aspects in its reconstruction. HPO will continue to comment and track the project.


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