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Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

SCA Tissue Paper Plant
Permit Number(s):   PZ-20-00071-02
Address:   1600 E. Butler Ave
Type of Action:   IDS Review of Site development & Demolition
HPOs initial comments to property owner were that a "Letter Report" was required with indication that some structures were of 50+ years of age. HPO visited the site for a 5 hour extensive tour with the Cultural Resource Consultants and two men that were integral to the operation of the facility. Upon the site inspection and review of available documents, it has been determined that all primary buildings are 50+ years of age. Several of the buildings appear to be from an earlier utilization of the site associated with slaughterhouse operations and adapted to paper production. The paper production processes has an extensive history of water conservation and reuse and the utilization of recycling of pulp materials that is applicable to today. The extensive acreage, buildings of historic integrity and both document as well as interview history dictates the preparation of a Phase 1 Cultural Resource Study (CRS) report to be submitted to HPC review and comment and determinations. 
The IDS reviews of concept and site plan note a phased development of the site. Phase 1 CRS calls out developing a new large building in the southeast corner of the site with the size and location of a Kohl's store clearly developed. It is likely that the cultural resource report can document the historic aspects of the collection of buildings on the eastern portion of the site and allow for demolition with an evaluation of integrity.  The Phase-2 descriptions are not as solid in their determination of retail and industrial utilization proposed. The western portion of the site contains the large paper production building (tissue/paper towel) which is an impressive industrial structure with a high level of historic integrity. Because of the less than firm plans for the development of this area the HPO has noted its potential for listing in the National Register of Historic Places and availing itself to 20% Federal Tax Incentive with an adaptive reuse.


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