City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 09/15/2020  
From: Stacy Fobar, Deputy City Clerk

Consideration and Action on Liquor License Application: John Alexander Phillips, Flagstaff Liquor, 1700 E. Route 66, Series 9S (liquor store), Sampling Privileges and Series 07(beer and wine bar). 
Hold public hearing.

The City Council has the option to:
(1) Forward the application to the State with a recommendation for approval;
(2) Forward the application to the State with a recommendation for denial based on information from staff, the testimony received at the public hearing and/or other factors.
Executive Summary:
The liquor license process begins at the State level and applications are then forwarded to the respective municipality for posting of the property and holding a public hearing, after which the Council recommendation is forwarded back to the State. Series 9S licenses are an addition to an existing license. John Alexander Phillips, the owner for Flagstaff Liquor, has submitted two liquor license applications for the addition of a Series 9 (liquor store) sampling privileges to the existing liquor license at this location and an additional Series 07 (beer and wine bar) license. Flagstaff Liquor is a new business and their location is currently in pre-construction. If approved, it will be the 22nd active series 07 license in Flagstaff. 

To view surrounding liquor licenses, please refer to the online interactive Liquor License Map.

The property has been posted as required, and the Police and Community Development divisions have reviewed the application and provided their respective reports.
Financial Impact:
There is no budgetary impact to the City of Flagstaff as this is a recommendation to the State.
Policy Impact:
Not applicable.
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Liquor licenses are a regulatory action and there is no Council goal that applies.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Not applicable.
Key Considerations:
Because the sampling application is for an addition to an existing license, consideration may be given to both the applicant's personal qualifications and the location. Because the bar and wine bar application is for a person and location transfer, consideration may be given to both the applicant's personal qualifications as well as the location.

A Series 9S (liquor store w/sampling) license allows a retail store to sell spirituous liquors, only in the original unbroken package, to be taken away from the premises of the retailer and consumed off the premises.

The deadline for issuing a recommendation on this application is September 18, 2020.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
This business will contribute to the tax base of the community.
Community Involvement:
The application was properly posted on August 26, 2020. No written protests have been received to date.
Letter to Applicant
Hearing Procedures
Series 09 Description
Series 07 Description
Flagstaff Liquor - PD Memo
Flagstaff Liquor - Zoning Memo
Flagstaff Liquor - Map


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