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DAY OF WEEK: Tuesday
DATE: August 23rd, 2022
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12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge Stephanie Birdwell
Jeremy Musgrove

3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation

5. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members

Stephanie Birdwell: Im not sure if this an update I notice that Keith Becker had an item on the agenda and have had community members to bring this agenda to me to discuss.

Chair person Jamie Martinez - We can definitely address that further down the agenda as we do have it as a discussion item today.
6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita Staff Liaison

Lisa Keita stated, no specific updates but still working on getting our meeting to meet in person or hybrid, it is work in progress and we are still working on this.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez, thank you Lisa for working on this for us, as we look forward to meeting in person and hybrid for those who need it.
B. Estella Hollander Staff Liaison, NAIPTA

I don't have a ton to update on this month, micro transit program is now permanent program, another update coordinated mobility council meeting is this Friday, zoom only focused on brainstorming session, on an update ot a plan, transportation and challenges for older people or those who are disabled, for anyone that interested I will put the invite in the chat, let me know if you have any questions on that, I can provide and update on the meeting in September for anyone who cannot attend it.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanked Estella, if we have one more people in attendance from this commission we will have a quorum I am please that people from this commission are interested in this.

Jeremy Musgrove - stated he will be there this Friday.
C. Michelle Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI

Hi everyone I am updating on the Northern Arizona Community of Practice team. I don't know if anybody knows what I was elected chair of that committee for the Northern Arizona Community of Practice.
And we have not had our first meeting for the school year yet. Supposed to be today, but I had a little hiccup. So it looks like it's gonna be next Tuesday.
In our first meeting we will be talking about what our what we'll be doing for the year and then I'll be able give you more information moving forward. Well I might not but Russ might be and I'll speak to that in a minute. But we might be updating you all on what our plans are for the year and and what we're going to be working on and stuff like that. So I'm very excited about that.
And so, speaking of Russ, we did vote in our Community of Practice meeting last time that we had that Russ would be the Co liaison with myself. I guess we used to have two. So now we're back to two with me and Russ. So that way if one of us has to miss, then the other ones here, so we can keep the communication going.

Russell Randall, Youth Liasion

Congratulated Michelle on her Chair to the committee of Northern Arizona Community of Practice Team.

This committee is a part of the state community of practice transition team and and our team tries to meet to represent the needs of youth and young adults with disabilities and we meet monthly and we discuss issues relative to employment for youth.
As well as post secondary education for youth as well as housing and health needs for youth, we try to represent again youth and young adults who present with disabilities. We also met this summer and for the most part it was the steering committee of the Community practice team we met to redo our Charter. Our new Charter has not been approved yet by the entire Community practice transition team. So that would be happening at our next meeting. But thank you for for having me here today and it's nice to see you all.

7. APPROVAL OF Minutes

Monica Attridge: Mr. Chair, I'd like to make a.correction and let me see here under number. 6C.
I would be remiss if I didn't ask the name of the spelling of Hozhoni need to be corrected. It's HOZHONI.
With that correction I approve the minutes.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez noted the correction.

Lisa Keita stated, it would be changed/amended.

Stephanie Birdwell second the approval of minutes with the correction.

The minutes were approved with amendment.
8. Date of Next Meeting - DATE: September 27th, 2022
A. Keith Becker- Discussion on Sidewalks and accessibility differently able people

Stephanie Birdwell spoke on Keith's behalf.

Yes, I I was glad to see that he had included this as an an item. I wasn't exactly sure how to approach it, but I was on a walk recently with a friend of mine who's blind and we were walking on city sidewalks around her apartment complex know, every 30 to 45 yards there was a pretty major sidewalk hazard. A huge hole.This is a person who's really competent moving around the the community with their guide dog. But these kinds of of hazards are ever present and seems like there's something that could be done about them. and I see that that's what Keith seems to be, you know, suggesting that there be perhaps.some kind of place where people could maybe report situations or, you know Keith mentions in his feedback that he wants to make sure that sidewalks are safe and usable for all citizens and.
I know that some of the difficulties my friend encounters walking with her dog would be completely unpassable, for example by a person in a wheelchair. And so what is an annoyance and a potential hazard for my friend could be an actual barrier for a lot of other people.

I think that's probably all I have just for starting that out at this time.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez

Absolutely, and If I may speak to the issue myself, I know some of the things that have been an ongoing issue with with me as an individual in a wheelchair is snow and ice removal on the he sidewalks. Also, gravel can be difficult.
There are times when I'm also on foot. For those of you who may not know, I do use crutches for shorter distances, and sometimes I like to be able to walk outdoors and so gravel can pose a hindrance. Places within the city that don't affectively have adequate curb cuts or accessibility. So those are my additional issues.

Lisa Keita, stated she would look into who to report this situations to.

Russ Randell, stated he though we had one police officer that we could report to with these matters.

Moncia Attridge supplied the committee with the public works phone number to report issues.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez, I am glad Keith Becker put this on our agenda, and hopefully he will be at our next meeting to have further discussion on the topic.



Chairperson Jamie Martinez advised the committee to contact Alan Keay or Lisa Keita for topics or items for the next meetings agenda.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez Adjourned the meeting at 12:37pm August 23rd, 2022

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Dated this               day of                                       , 2022.

Alan Keay, Human Resources Manager


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