August 17, 2021
1:30 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Vice Chair Wegwert called the meeting to order at 1:34 PM.
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
Mandy Martinez Gebler
Robert "Dan" Duke, Chair
Claire Hardi Christine Tucci
Marcela Pino
Jean Toner
DeAnn Wegwert, Vice Chair
3. Public Comment

The Commission cannot act upon items presented during the Public Participation portion of the Agenda. Individual Commission members may ask questions of the public but are prohibited by the Open Meeting Law from discussion or considering the item among themselves until the item is officially placed on the Agenda. Each public comment or presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
  • Audra Travelbee from Culture Connection AZ introduced self and stated their group is attending various diversity meetings to gather information, so the organization can be responsive.
  • Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison)
4. Approval of Minutes
A. Consideration and Approval of Minutes: Commission on Diversity Awareness Meeting of July 26, 2021. 
  Vice Chair Wegwert motioned for the July 26, 2021 minutes to be approved. The motion passed unanimously. 
5. Date of Next Meeting - September 21, 2021
  • Commissioner Pino asked about meeting in person, Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) informed that Council was meeting today to discuss further. The Commission would need to wait until Council direction changes or move to stage 4 of re entry plan.
  • Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) Reminded that virtual will be offered ongoing and to use the link in the agenda for that meeting date.
6. Action Items
A. Review and Approve: Proclamation for Native American Heritage Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. 
  • Commissioner Gebler noted that the verbiage includes Native American and Indigenous verbiage to be more inclusive.
  • Commissioner Toner requested to have the extra “and” in first statement removed.
  • Commissioner Pino motioned to approve the edited Native American Heritage Month proclamation. Commissioner Toner seconded the motion, the motion passed unanimously. 
  • Commissioner Pino motioned to approve the Hispanic Heritage Month proclamation. Commissioner Toner seconded the motion, the motion passed unanimously. 
7. Reports/Discussion Items
A. Proclamations Work Group Update
  Commissioner Toner stated that the next Proclamation the workgroup would focus on is Black History Month which is in February.
B. Workgroup Update
Land Acknowledgment and Involvement with the Renaming of the Peaks and Snowbowl expansion plans.
Based on the City Attorney’s calendar, Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) suggested the following dates for the Executive Session: August 30th at 3pm or September 2nd 2pm. Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) will ask the two commissioners not present if either date works for them. Commissioner Toner reminded the group that Land acknowledgement topic tabled until it was discussed as a FAIR item on Council’s agenda. Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) asked if sharing the memo to the Legal department would be beneficial for the Commission to review prior to the Executive Session.  Commissioner Toner agreed to and read aloud the memo to all of Commission. Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison) recommended sending the Dr. Silver report to the Commissioner and many members agreed that would be helpful. 
C. Recommendations to Council
Updates on Recommendations 
Recommendation to the Flagstaff City Council for a city ordinance regarding equitable restroom availability - .  
  • Commissioner Toner added additional an update that the Aquaplex had updated their restroom signs at the Aquaplex “Casitas” to non gender on their own.
  • Liaison will send the Council agenda for September 7th to the Commission members once it is posted.
Recommendations for Consideration 
Anti Camping Ordinance
  • Commissioner Toner stated that there would be presentation/discussion regarding Alternative Response model from Adam Shimoni on August 24th.
  • Commissioner Gebler talked about the issues with individuals not feeling safe in the Shelter
  • Commissioner Hardi sent information to the workgroup and once they can discuss, the workgroup will follow up.
  • Public participant offered to share the information on the presentation/discussion noted above. 
  • Commissioner Gebler left the meeting at 2:33pm.
D. Commission Priorities 
  1. Criminal Justice conversation with Flag PD
  2. Conversation with DBA including literature to distribute
  3. Land Acknowledgment and Involvement with the Renaming on the Peaks and Snowbowl expansion plans 
  4. Civil Rights 
  • Commissioner Pino recommended retitling the “Commission Priorities” to “Future Priorities” and “Current Priorities” to identify which items are in progress and which ones are for future focus. 
  • Vice Chair Wegwert and Commissioner Toner will be meeting with Deputy City Manager Shannon Anderson regarding Alternative Response Model RFP and will be asking about Commission participation. 
8. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
A. Partnerships/Presentations
Discuss potential presentations to Inclusive and Adaptive Living Commission, Indigenous
Commission, 3 County Diversity Councils, NAU (Diversity Fellows), CCC
B. Diversity Survey - next steps, workgroups, recommendations
9. Adjourment
  Vice Chair Wegwert adjourned the meeting at 2:43 PM.


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