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Meeting Date: 07/05/2022  
From: Jeremy DeGeyter, Project Manager

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Approve the construction contract with Scholz Contracting, LLC in the amount of $1,089,419.46 for the Main Library ADA Entrance Project project.
  1. Approve the construction contract with Scholz Contracting, LLC in the amount of $1,089,419.46 and a contract duration of 130 calendar days;
  2. Approve a contract allowance of $58,385.00, which is 7.5% of the Engineers Estimate;
  3. Approve Change Order Authority to the City Manager in the amount of $108,941.95 which is 10% of the lowest responsive bid;
  4. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
City Council is being requested to approve award of a contract for construction of the Main Library ADA Entrance project in accordance with the approved improvement plans prepared by The WLB Group.
The project is located at 300 W. Aspen Ave. at the entrance to the Main Library for the City of Flagstaff. The project is located on the library parcel and in City of Flagstaff right-of-way. The project will replace the existing entrance and bring the Library entrance and parking lot into ADA compliance. The project was designed following Universal/Inclusive design ideals and seeks to equitably serve all library users, as well as beautify the Library with new landscaping, public spaces, and art.

The Main Library ADA Entrance project generally includes installation of new asphalt, curb and gutter, and sidewalks; installation of “FUTS-Style” railings and fall protection railings; installation of railing and ground mounted art pieces; installation of project lighting and electrical components; installation of conduit and pull boxes for ITS Fiber and future APS charging stations, installation of new concrete plaza, pathways, and stairs with integral color and architectural finishes; design and installation of hydronic heating in selected concrete pathways utilizing an electric boiler to align with Sustainability goals; and installation of landscaping, irrigation and installation of site furnishings.

On June 6, 2022 the City Procurement released an invitation for bids ("IFB") to the public for the ADA Ramp at the Main Library located on West Aspen Avenue. The IFB process was competitive, fair and transparent.  The lowest responsible and responsive bidder was selected as the contractor for this project.  
Financial Impact:
The project is funded by:
  • General Government-Library Fund from the FY 2021-2022 authorized budget of $100,000 (Acct #030-07-035-0140-5-4435 LB0167);
  • General Government-Library Fund from the FY 2022-2023 authorized budget of $200,000 (Acct #030-07-035-0140-5-4435 LB0167);  
  • BBB Funds- Beautification Fund-Library Entrance from the FY 2021-2022 authorized budget of $312,000 (Acct #051-07-212-3389-5-4433); and
  • BBB Funds- Beautification Fund-Library Entrance from the FY 2022-2023 authorized budget of $506,000 (Acct #051-07-212-3389-5-4433);
The Library, Budget Team and Finance will identify an additional $268,000 in project funding which will be accomplished through a combination of library salary savings, contingency items, and general fund infrastructure reserves.
Policy Impact:
No impact.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Safe & Healthy Community
-Ensure the built environment is safe through the use of consistent standards, rules and regulations, and land use practices.
-Promote physical health through providing recreation opportunities, parks, open space & multiple transportation options.
Inclusive & Engaged Community
-Ensure city facilities, services, & programs are accessible for all residents & representative of Flagstaff’s diverse community
Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure
-Deliver outstanding services to residents through a healthy, well maintained infrastructure system.

Carbon Neutrality Plan
DD-3: Create inclusive networks for walking and biking that are continuous, attractive, safe, comprehensive, and convenient for people of all ages.
EM-3: Support Flagstaff residents, companies and institutions in the transition to electric vehicles.
FS-3: Reduce or remove natural gas usage in municipal buildings.

Regional Plan
Goal T.1 - Improve mobility and access throughout the region.
Goal T.5 - Increase the availability and use of pedestrian infrastructure, including FUTS, as a critical element of a safe and livable community.
Goal CD.1 Improve the City and County financial systems to provide for needed infrastructure development and rehabilitation, including enhancement of existing infrastructure.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Council has previously approved the FY 2023 Capital Improvement 5-Year Plan and authorized the FY 2023 budget for this project.
Council provided design direction at the May 11th, 2021, City Council Work Session, moving this project forward into final design following a review and discussion of several design alternatives and the art pieces.
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the award for the construction contract as recommended.  Approval will allow work on the project to move forward. 
  2. Reject all bids.  This action would delay the project.
    1. If rejection occurs, possible options include;
      1. Re-advertise the project and open new bids or
      2. Suspend or cancel the project, and redesign a new ADA compliant entryway to the Library
On June 6, 2022, the Purchasing Section posted an Invitation for Bids (IFB) solicitation for construction on the PlanetBids website and advertised the IFB in the Arizona Daily Sun on June 12th, and June 19th, 2022. There was one (1) bid received and opened electronically on June 27, 2022. A summary of the bids received are identified in the Key Considerations section below. Scholz Contracting, LLC was determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
Key Considerations:
On June 27th, 2022, bids were received to construct the Main Library ADA Entrance project.  The summary results are listed below.
Company Bid/Amount
Engineer’s Estimate $778,479.00
Scholz Contracting, LLC
Allowance at 7.5% of the Engineer's Estimate

The contract allowance is established to address unanticipated items of work, unknown items of work and/or differing field conditions and with authorization will be included in the contract amount.  The allowance is used only at the City’s discretion. See attached allowance justification form.
Change Order Authority establishes a dollar amount (10% of the contract amount) and provides the City Manager, on behalf of the Council, administrative authority to amend the contract amount in response to unforeseen costs that are more than the contracted amount.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
Maria Salenger, with Jones Studio, is the artist who has designed the art pieces that will be incorporated into this project. The art design involved extensive public involvement, was presented to City Council, and was approved by the Beautification and Public Art Commission (BPAC). Maria was instrumental, while working with the project team, in enhancing the aesthetics of the new ADA compliant entrance to the Main Library.
Context Map
Vicinity Map
Allowance Justification Form
Conceptual Rendering


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