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Meeting Date: 05/17/2022  
Co-Submitter: Stacey Brechler-Knaggs From: Amy Hagin, Parks Manager

Consideration and Approval of Grant Agreement:  Approve the grant agreement with the Arizona State Parks and Trails for a Heritage Fund Trails Grant to make accessibility enhancements at Buffalo Park and the Nate Avery FUTS Trail
Approve the Grant Agreement with AZ State State Parks and Trails for the Nate Avery FUTS Trail in the amount of $100,000.
Executive Summary:
PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  This project will enhance accessibility for all users of the Nate Avery FUTS Trail in Buffalo Park. The intent is to bring the trail and other features of the park into alignment with the Americans with Disabilities Act so that a broader segment of the community – including people with mobility limitations and those who use wheelchairs – can use the trail and enjoy the natural area. The following improvements to the trail and park are planned as part of this project:
Resurface the Nate Avery Trail with a hard-packed aggregate mix suitable for wheelchair use; Repair existing drainage issues on the trail; Provide signing and information for trail users at the trailhead and along the trail; Add accessible parking spaces and an accessible route into the park; Expand the concrete entrance plaza; Extend a concrete sidewalk to existing accessible restrooms; Remove railroad ties around 18 exercise stations and provide a more wheelchair-friendly surface; Replace up to six existing exercise stations with new accessible/universal design stations.
Financial Impact:
The city match and contribution of $135,453 will be accomplished with funds from both Parks operating capital, FUTS capital, and in-kind services. 

The expenditures on the city match and contribution have been accounted for in the Parks operating capital in the amount of $52,000, in FUTS capital in the amount of $25,877 and in-kind work through labor, equipment and materials estimated at $57,576. 

The grant award amount is $100,000, plus match of $135,453.00 for a total project cost of $235,453.00.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
  • High Performance Governance:
    • Serve the public by providing high quality customer service.
  • Safe and Healthy Community:
    • Promote physical health through providing recreation opportunities, parks, open space, and multiple transportation options.
  • Inclusive and Engaged Community:
    • Ensure city facilities, services, and programs are accessible for all residents and representative of Flagstaff’s diverse community.
  • Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure:
    • Utilize existing long-range plans that identify the community’s future infrastructure needs and all associated costs.
  • Robust Resilient Economy:
    • Embrace and invest in responsible tourism opportunities to promote economic development.
  • Livable Community:
    • Provide amenities and activities that support a healthy lifestyle
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve Grant Agreement
  2. Not approve the Grant Agreement 
City Parks and Multi-Modal Transportation began discussing the concept of making the 2-mile loop trail known as the Nate Avery FUTS Trail at Buffalo Park accessible in 2019, with the idea of making the trail accessible to all users.  After the completion of the accessible permanent restrooms at the park, the team began to discuss how we could bring this concept to an inclusive and equitable project with city funding as well as any grant opportunities.  The Heritage Fund through Arizona State Parks is providing the grant opportunity should the City of Flagstaff be successful in this application.  

The application, if approved, would consist of resurfacing the Nate Avery FUTS Trail with the current aggregate mix that is suitable for wheeled devices such as wheelchairs. It would also repair existing drainage issues on the trail, provide signing and information to trail users regarding the accessible route, add accessible parking spaces and an accessible route to the entrance, expand the concrete entrance at the park to the existing accessible restrooms, modify the existing exercise stations along the trail loop for wheelchair access, and replace up to six (6) exercise stations to new accessible/universal design stations.  
Key Considerations:
The Flagstaff community deserves to have the 215-acre Buffalo Park inclusive and accessible for all to enjoy.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The outdoor passive recreational space and natural area is one of our community's most iconic locations with over 380 visitors per day walking the Nate Avery FUTS Trail.
Community Involvement:
Inform. Presentations have been made to the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Commission on Inclusion and Adaptive Living, and the Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
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