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Meeting Date: 05/17/2022  
From: Tiffany Antol, Senior Planner

Consideration and Approval of Preliminary Plat:  PZ-15-00015-22, Capstone Homes requests Preliminary Plat approval for Aries at Timber Sky Phase II (Block 7B) located at 3501 E Route 66, a single-family subdivision on 6.59 acres in the Single-Family Residential (R1) Zone. 
Staff recommends the City Council (tbd ) the Preliminary Plat, in accordance with the findings presented in this report and the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation (to be added before final agenda).
Executive Summary:
This request is for preliminary plat approval for a 16 lot single-family residential subdivision on 6.59 acres located at 3501 E Route 66.
Financial Impact:
No financial impacts are anticipated with the Preliminary Plat.
Policy Impact:
There are no policy impacts anticipated with this Preliminary Plat.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Robust Resilient Economy - Grow and strengthen a more equitable and resilient economy.

Carbon Neutrality Plan
DD-1:  Encourage vibrancy, appropriate density, and attainability in existing neighborhoods, so that more residents live within walking distance of their daily needs.

Regional Plan
Policy LU.5.1. Encourage development patterns within the designated growth boundaries to sustain efficient infrastructure projects and maintenance.
Goal NH.1. Foster and maintain healthy and diverse urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods in the Flagstaff region.
Policy WR.4.3. Development requiring public utility services will be located within the Urban Growth Boundary.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
City Council approved a Zoning Map Amendment and an Annexation in supprt of the proposed subdivision in 2016.
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Preliminary Plat as recommended by staff and the Planing & Zoning Commission.
  2. Approve the Preliminary Plat with conditions.
  3. Deny the Preliminary Plat based on non-compliance with the Zoning Code, the Subdivision Code, and/or the Engineering Design Standards and Specifications for New Infrastructure.
Timber Sky is a proposed 1,300 (maximum density) residential dwelling unit development. The development proposes a mixture of high, medium, and single-family residential units combined with commercial service and open space on 197.58 acres. The site is situated north and south between West Route 66 (“Route 66”) and Interstate-40 and east and west between Woody Mountain Road and Flagstaff Ranch Road.  The site slopes gently from south to north with most of the onsite drainage flowing toward an existing culvert under Route 66, which eventually discharges into the Clay Avenue Wash Detention Basin located north of Route 66.  There are no designated floodplains on the site.  In 2006, the property partially burned in a fire leaving a 700-foot-wide corridor of deforested land through the middle of the site.  The remainder of the site is forested with Ponderosa Pine.  The site has two pockets of slopes greater than 17% with other basalt rock outcrop features throughout the property.  A large amount of fill placed on site, which has the appearance of a steep slope, will not be protected.  An existing aboveground 69 kV transmission line crosses the site in an east-west direction connecting to an existing APS substation at the southwestern corner of the property.  The line is required to be under grounded with the development of the second phase of Timber Sky.
The applicant, Capstone Homes, is seeking Preliminary Plat approval for Aries at Timber Sky Phase II (Block 7B) within the second phase of Timber Sky consisting of 16 single-family residential lots utilizing conventional zoning standards.
Key Considerations:
The property is zoned Single-Family Residential (R1) Zone, which has a minimum density requirement of 2 units per acre and a maximum of 5 units per acre in the Resource Protection Overlay.  The proposed 16 lots on 6.59 acres have a gross density of 2.43 units per acre and a net density of 2.92 units per acre.  The application conforms with all the requirements of the R1 Zone.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The community benefits of this project are encapsulated in the PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives and the Regional Plan Goals and Policies review process.
Community Involvement:
Inform.  The existing zoning of the subject property allows for the proposed subdivision.  No public hearings or public outreach are required by either the Zoning Code or the Subdivision Code as part of the Preliminary Subdivision Plat review process.
P&Z Commission Staff Summary
Preliminary Plat


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