TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2021
12:00 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call

James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge
Alexander Davenport
Russell Randall, Vice Chair

James Hasapis
Sakenya McDonald
Andrea Thomas
3. Public Participation

The Commission cannot act upon items presented during the Public Participation portion of the Agenda. Individual Commission members may ask questions of the public but are prohibited by the Open Meeting Law from discussion or considering the item among themselves until the item is officially placed on the Agenda. Each public comment or presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
4. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members
  Commissioner Randall stated that the Library was not available for today's meeting, but that he wanted to update the Commission that the Flagstaff City Council choose concept 2 of the library entrance design. He thanked the Commission for their hard work and added that the Commission's input greatly assisted Council in their decision. 

Commissioner Davenport gave an update on the Northern Arizona Adaptive Sports Association and stated that there are scholarships available for students with intellectual disabilities. They now have adaptive kayaking and adaptive hiking available. Their program coordinator is Truman Schultz and they have partnered with Quality Connections. Commissioner Martinez suggested having a photographer at the event. 
5. Staff Participation
  Staff Liaison Alan Keay spoke about the city's re-entry plan. He stated that future meetings starting in Phase 4 of the re-entry plan will be able to be held in a hybrid format (in-person and virtual). 
A. Liaison Reports
  NAIPTA Representative Stella Hollander gave an update on Mountain Line. She stated that Mountain Line has a free travel training program available which covers how to plan a trip, pay for transit, and more. She also discussed the Micro Transit Pilot program. 
A. Consideration and approval of minutes of the April 27, 2021 meeting.
  Commissioner Attridge made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 27, 2021 meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Randall with an amendment to correct Ms. Hollanders' name and to correct the paragraph on Mental Health Awareness Month. The motion was approved unamiously. 
7. Date of Next Meeting - 6/22/2021
A. Update from Martin Ince regarding grant application for improvement to Buffalo Park.
  Project Manager Martin Ince gave an update on the grant application for the Buffalo Park improvements. He stated that staff is now pursuing a Land and Water Conservation grant so that the timing works out better. He added that the grant match is higher, but that staff can adjust the budget by using the Parks Department's crew time for the match. He stated that the application should be submitted in July and the process would take about six months to complete. He added that a draft of the application will be shared at the June meeting. 

Commissioner Martinez stated that Commissioner Randall and him have volunteered to assist with the draft.

Commissioner Davenport offered his assistance as well. 

Commissioner Randall shared his gratitude to Mr. Ince as did Chair Martinez.    
  The Commission requested the following items be on the agenda for their June meeting:
  • Presentation on City's Hiring Process
  • Presentation on how the Police Department addresses mental health
  • Sustainabilty
  Chair Jamie Martinez adjourned the Commission on Inclusion and Adaptive Living May 25, 2021 meeting  at 12:37pm.


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