April 26th, 2023
             12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Vice Chair Simukonda calls the meeting to order. 
2. Roll Call
Vice Chair, Rachael Simukonda Stephanie Birdwell
Sara Dorman
Keith Becker
Jeremy Musgrove
3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation

The Commission cannot act upon items presented during the Public Participation portion of the Agenda. Individual Commission members may ask questions of the public but are prohibited by the Open Meeting Law from discussion or considering the item among themselves until the item is officially placed on the Agenda. Each public comment or presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
5. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members
6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita Staff Liaison
  Staff Liaison Lisa Keita informs the group of the Observation Mesa group that is developing a trail plan for the city and asks if they would like to put this on the agenda to be discussed next month. The commission agrees to start discussing this item next month.
B. Mitch Reddy Staff Liaison, NAIPTA
  Mitch Reddy updates the group of a new hire with Mountainline and their excitement to have a new member of their team. He also informs the group of the first electric bus launch today in Flagstaff.
C. Michele Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI
  Michele informs the group that the Northern Arizona Community of Practice Transition Team has been working on updating their agenda and will be hosting elections in the near future. They have begun discussions of addition a second Transition fair in the coming year.  The group is looking for someone with knowledge on SSI and benefits in relation to working to help educate the public. Vice Chair Simukonda offers to help in this process.
D. Russell Randall Youth Liaison
  Information covered with Michele's update.
March 28, 2023
  Commissioner Becker motions to approve, Commissioner Dorman seconds the motion. The minutes are approved unanimously.
8. Date of Next Meeting - Wednesday 05/24/2023
A. Discussion and Vote on permanently moving CIAL Commission meetings to 4th Wednesday of Every Month ay 12:00PM.
  Commissioner Becker motions to approve the movement of meetings to Wednesdays. Commissioner Musgrove motions to move the meetings as well. Commissioners approved this movement unanimously.
B. Vice Chair Simukonda asks for ongoing discussion on ADA Compliance with Flag PD and commission to work with Chief Musselman on trainings and ongoing opportunities and wok mon training video's with PD training staff and Chief Musselman for improvement and involvement by CIAL Commission. Better Communication to Commission Members on Term Limits, Alan will work with City Clerk to get spreadsheet on end dates of commissioners as well as communication plan moving forward.
  Vice Chair Simukonda informs the commission that Jamie Martinez, Commissioner Becker, and herself have been working on ADA trainings with the Police Department and have expressed interest in getting some new courses uploaded/utilizing already uploaded training coursed on LEARN the city’s LMS system. They will also explore options that other municipalities use.

Commissioner Dorman mentioned the “Coffee with a Cop” event that the city holds may be a good opportunity for officers to meet and engage with those with disabilities.
A. Discussion between CIAL Commission members on bringing back to commission a Parking Liaison.
  Vice Chair Simukonda requests to have this item as an action item on the agenda for next month to bring a Parking Liaison back.

Vice Chair Simukonda requests to have Jamie Martinez as the new Parking Liaison. Staff Liaison Lisa Keita will check to confirm this agrees with bylaws.
B. Martin Ince,Transportation Planner Senior, City of Flagstaff to give follow-up discussion on sidewalk obstructions and opportunities to improve and reduce issues with Commission Members.
  Martin Ince talks with the group about sidewalk obstructions and snow removal compliance issues within the city. He has provided links to past presentations given on these issues.He reviews the current challenges faced with these issues and recommends reviewing the current policies the city has as well as what policies other communities have on similar issues.

Commission members review issues they have come across and suggest possible solutions to the issues.

Vice Chair Simukonda requests to have this item made an ongoing action item on the agenda for future discussion.
  Vice Chair Simukonda adjourns the meeting at 1:05pm.


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