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Meeting Date: 04/25/2023  
From: Dan Musselman, Police Chief

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Cooperative Purchase Contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $2,192,163.44 for radio equipment and accessories for numerous City Divisions and Sections.
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $2,192,163.44 for radio equipment and accessories for numerous City Divisions and Sections in need of radio replacements; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute all necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
This is a request for approval of a Cooperative Purchase Contract in an amount not to exceed $2,192,163.44 to purchase replacement radios for several City Divisions, and new radios for the Emergency Management Division. The City currently owns 705 handheld and vehicle radios on our radio system. The City does not intend to replace all radios, just those that are no longer serviceable. This purchase will allow the City to receive 150 various models of handheld portable radios, 154 vehicle/mobile radios, and 18 replacement base units. The purchase includes the needed accessories for the radios.
The purchase has been made in bulk to receive financial benefits such as credits for trade-ins and other applicable rebates/discounts.
Financial Impact:
In fiscal year 2022-2023, the City budgeted $2,600,000 in account 001-09-402-1310-1-4407 for the replacement of radios and equipment. This Cooperative Purchase Contract is a request is to spend up to $2,192,163.44 for the purchase of radios, chargers, batteries, lapel microphones, and chargers. If this purchase is approved the City will receive, 150 various models of portable radios, 154 vehicle/mobile radios, and 18 base station radios.  The City will receive $103,850.00 in credit for trading in our old radios.

The Flagstaff Fire Department has determined that it does not need encryption on all their radios, as listed in their original quote. Therefore, the cost of certain encryption features has been removed. Although the current quote does reflect that cost, Motorola has provided a letter documenting that the City will receive an additional savings of $87,840.90 off the FFD order, once it is finalized.   

The requesting division, cost, radio description and trade in value are as follows:
-Emergency Management is requesting two Motorola APX 8000 portables at a cost of $19,181.21. They have no radios to trade in.

-Flagstaff Fire Department (FFD) is requesting 100 Motorola APX 8000H portable radios and eight Motorola APX 1500 base stations at a cost of $1,043,044.86. FFD will also be credited $87,840.90 because they will not encrypt all of their portable radios. The City will receive $48,000 for the trade in of old radios.

-Flagstaff Police Department (FPD) (two quotes attached) is requesting a total of  20 Motorola APX 8000 Portables, and 60 Motorola APX 8500 vehicle radios at a cost of $669,258,56. The City will receive $36,050 for the trade in of old radios.

-Fleet Section (under Public Works) is requesting six Motorola APX 900 portables, eight Motorola APX 1500 vehicle radios and one Motorola APX 1500 base stations at a cost of $49,731.32. The City will receive $2,250 for the trade in of old radios.

-Parks Section is requesting four Motorola APX 900 portables, 34 Motorola APX 1500 vehicle radios, and two Motorola APX1500 base stations at a cost of $140,349.06. The City will receive $6,000 for the trade in of old radios.

-Solid Waste and Public Works Administration is requesting two Motorola APX 900 portables, and four Motorola APX 1500 base stations at a cost of $21,857.27. The City will receive $900 for the trade in of old radios.

-Landfill Section (Public Works) is requesting ten Motorola APX 900 portables, 13 Motorola APX 1500 vehicle radios, and three Motorola APX 1500 base stations at a cost of $89,427.01. The City will receive $3,900 for the trade in of old radios.

-Solid Waste Collections is requesting six Motorola APX 900 portables and 39 Motorola  APX 1500 vehicle radios at a cost of $159,314.15. The City will receive $6,750 for the trade in of old radios.
Policy Impact:
The decision to purchase or to not purchase new radios should have no impact on any City policies.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
High Performing Governance. Replacing outdated and unsupported radios and radio equipment will improve the ability for City employees to effectively communicate with one another, and this improving efficiency. Although there are older radios still in use by City employees that function adequately for non-emergency situations, many of these radios have outlived their warranties and service agreements or are off-brand models not covered for service under City contracts. These older radios will be bought and recycled by Motorola as part of the Cooperative Purchase Contract.

Safe and Healthy Community. The ability to reliably communicate is crucial to public safety. Police use their radios all day, every day to relay information to one another and to communicate with the 911 Call Center who is often in direct contact with victims of crimes. Fire fighters rely on radio communication to adjust for vision obstruction during responses to fires. More and more often, public works, streets and other city divisions are involved in disaster mitigation and recovery, working alongside first responders. Serviceability and reliability are essential to maintaining an adequate public safety communication system.

Environmental Stewardship. The City of Flagstaff participates in coordinated efforts with neighboring jurisdictions to manage several natural and human-caused emergency events (fires, floods) requiring quality, reliable communication every year. A dependable radio system with quality radios and radio equipment is an absolute necessity in managing large emergencies.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Yes. In 2011, City Council approved the purchase of radios and radio equipment.
In 2018, Council approved the upgrade to the Public Safety Radio system.
In 2022, Council approved $2.6M for the purchase of public safety communication equipment.
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc. in the amount of $2,192,163.44 utilizing the State of Arizona cooperative contract CTR046830; or
  2. Direct staff to conduct an independent solicitation for the necessary radio equipment, setup, accessories, and service for numerous City departments. This option is not recommended by staff as it will delay an important purchase and would risk a failure in necessary communication due to outdated and unserviceable radios.
In 2010, the voters of Flagstaff approved a $4.7 million bond to purchase a new public safety radio system. In early 2011, an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Northern Arizona University and the City of Flagstaff was established to share resources, information and proportional costs of procurement and operation of the new radio system.
In 2011, an RFP was developed and two acceptable responses were received, one from Motorola (the vender with the contract currently before Council) and one from Harris. Harris came in at significantly more, (approx. $1 Million). Motorola and Creative Communications were selected to provide the new system as a result of offering the low bid that met the RFP requirements.
Many of the current radios used by City personnel were purchased with the original radio system in 2012. When the radios were purchased, they had a 7-year recommended life span. The current radios are no longer supported for minor or major repairs. While most of these radios remain operational, any failure would put that unit out of operation permanently. In July of 2022, the City Council approved $2.6M in funding to replace the outdated and unsupported radios.

FPD, FFD, and NAU collaborated to find the best value radios to replace those deemed outdated and unserviceable. In August 2022, City staff met with representatives from Motorola Solutions, Inc. to discuss replacement. In January of this year, Motorola representatives met with Purchasing staff and negotiated a quote to provide replacement radios and radio equipment for the City for a total cost not to exceed $2,192,163.44, utilizing the State of Arizona cooperative contract CTR046830.

Purchasing staff reviewed the State's cooperative contract and determine it to be current and applicable to the purchase of the radio equipment, setup, accessories, and service.
Key Considerations:
The City has been using Motorola radios and radio equipment for decades without any obvious problems with the units themselves or related equipment. Motorola Solutions, Inc. has exhibited excellent customer service; they employ extremely responsive and highly competent service representatives who strive to apply their knowledge of their products to identify and solve problems rather than to simply address complaints.

The Motorola radios being considered for purchase are high quality radios. With very few moving parts, rugged solid-state hardware, very tough casing material, and robust design the replacement radios are practically indestructible. As such, the replacement radios you are being asked to approve for purchase are very reliable.

The majority of the radios being replaced are Motorola radios. Including the XTL 2500 and XTL 5000 mobile vehicle radios and Motorola XTS 2500 portable handheld radios. FFD is seeking to replace their Motorola model APX-7000XE portable handheld radios, due to the nature of their assignments their radios become compromised more quickly.   
The portable radios will be replaced (if the purchase is approved) by Motorola model APX-8000 and simpler APX 900 models.  Another key consideration in the decision whether to approve this purchase is the fact that the batteries for these two radio systems are interchangeable, which means that replacement (spare) batteries and battery chargers already owned by the City can be re-used. The current battery banks inside our stations and special operations vehicles will also support the new radio batteries as well.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
With better communication equipment the community gets better service. First responders depend on reliable communication, a robust bank of radios is an absolute necessity. The Motorola radios being considered for purchase are among the most reliable in their market. As it relates to radio systems, more reliability means more efficiency; and more efficiency means a better value for our citizens’ tax dollars. Equipment which improves our employees’ ability to communicate effectively makes for a more effective city government.
Cooperative Purchase Contract
Exhibit A - 1. EM Quote
Exhibit A - 2. Fire Quote
Exhibit A - 2.1 Encryption Adjustment Letter
Exhibit A - 3. Fleet Quote
Exhibit A - 4. Police Quote
Exhibit A - 5. Police Additional Quote
Exhibit A - 6. PROSE Quote
Exhibit A - 7. SW and PW Admin Quote
Exhibit A - 8. SW Collections Quote
Exhibit A - 9. SW Landfill Quote
Exhibit B - Agency Cooperative Contract
Exhibit B - Agency Contract End Date
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