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Meeting Date: 03/22/2023  
From: Tiffany Antol, Senior Planner

PZ-21-00126-01:Northern Az Healthcare Hospital Campus
Specific Plan request, by Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) Corporation, of approximately 172.6 acres located at 1120 W Purple Sage Trail for the Northern Arizona Healthcare Health Village currently zoned Rural Residential (RR – 74.62 acres), Estate Residential (ER – 97.76 acres), and Single Family Residential (R1 – 0.25 acres). Of the 17 parcels included in this request, all but three are currently within the Resource Protection Overlay (RPO).  The remaining three parcels will be added to the RPO as the properties are rezoned in accordance with the Specific Plan, if adopted.  This Specific Plan request is the first of two entitlement cases including a Concept Zoning Map Amendment.
Staff believes that the proposed NAH Health Village Specific Plan is in substantial conformance with the required findings and recommends the Planning & Zoning Commission forward the request to the City Council with a recommendation approving the adoption of the NAH Health Village Specific Plan, subject to the following conditions:
  1. The subject property shall be developed in substantial conformance with the Specific Plan and project narrative including but not limited to the density and intensity and general layouts provided except as modified herein.
  2. A high-quality public amenity that serves as an active recreation feature shall be provided within the Wellness Retreat as determined by the PROSE Division Director. 
  3. The Specific Plan shall be revised to include all transportation improvements as required by the approved Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) and any conditions of approval. 
  4. The access points for Phase 2 shown on Images 10, 12, 15, 18 & 19 are not approved. The Specific Plan shall be revised to include a note on these images that these driveways are conceptual only.  Final driveway location will be determined during development review and will need to be studied in the Phase 2 TIA.
  5. Image 17 shall be revised to include curb and gutter on the east side of Beulah Boulevard with a 4.5-foot bike lane and 2-foot bike buffer.
  6. The Specific Plan shall be revised to reflect all required and approved engineering modifications.
  7. Image 33 on the Infrastructure Phasing Plan shall be revised to relocate the sewage collection system indicated within Purple Sage Trail along the north frontage of Block G to a location outside the right-of-way.  Public mains may not discharge into a private collection system.  This gravity sewer must be private and placed outside the right-of-way within a private easement and permitted separately by ADEQ.  Service laterals may cross perpendicular to the right-of-way.
  8. The existing aggregate trail from that point north to Lake Mary Road will be paved to facilitate year-round travel. This section of trail (approximately 370-feet), that is adjacent to Beulah Boulevard, needs to be brought up to the roadway grade, so there is adequate sight distance of cyclists for vehicles traveling southbound in the right turn lane.  The profile is currently too low for vehicles to adequately see cyclists. 
  9. The Phasing Plan in the Specific Plan shall be revised accordingly:
    1. Phase One –Beulah Boulevard will consist of 11-foot travel lanes (not 12-foot) and the east side of the roadway will need to include curb and gutter and a 4.5-foot bike lane with a 2-foot bike buffer. 
    2. Phase One –The intersection of Beulah Boulevard and Purple Sage Trail (Intersection C) shall be designed and constructed to the grades for the future underpass at I-17 per the approval of the City Engineer.  This design shall be approved by the Arizona Department of Transportation. 
    3. Phase One – FUTS and Other Multipurpose Paths: A beaconed pedestrian crossing will be provided at Intersection M (parking garage driveway) crossing the west leg. A beaconed pedestrian crossing at Purple Sage Trail and Getaway Trail (Intersection O) shall be studied as part of the Phase 2 TIA. 
    4. Phase One –The six (6) intersections that are listed to include conduit for a future signal need to also be designed and constructed at the correct grades for a future signal. 
    5. Phase Two – Traffic Control – Paragraph Two: Shall state, "If the above traffic signals are not required after the hospital opening…"
    6. Phase Two – Traffic Control – Paragraph Three: Shall state, "The original (full) TIA will need to be revised based on actual counts generated by Phase 1.  Phase 1 will be considered background traffic and new trips will be estimated for the proposed Phase 2 development.  Any additional mitigation required for Phase 2 that was not agreed to as part of the Phase 1 TIA or development agreement will be proposed as part of a completed TIA for Phase 2, under the original TIA scope, and will be addressed through the Phase 2 development agreement.”
  10. All references to paved FUTS or multimodal paths shall be revised to concrete FUTS or multimodal paths in accordance with current standards and requirements. 
  11. A final Specific Plan shall be provided to the City of Flagstaff in both paper and digital format with all conditions of approval incorporated.  This document shall denote that it includes all required revisions as well as include copies of both relevant ordinances and resolutions.
  12. All other requirements of the Zoning Code and other City codes, ordinances, and regulations shall be met by the proposed development.
  13. All terms, conditions, and restrictions detailed within the “NAH Health Village Development Agreement” must be fully satisfied.
Staff Report
Legal Notice
Legal Description
Project Narrative
Specific Plan Narrative Part 1
Specific Plan Narrative Part 2
Specific Plan Narrative Part 3a
Specific Plan Narrative Part 3a
Specific Plan Narrative Part 3b
Specific Plan Narrative Part 4
Police Impact Analysis
Wildland Fire Risk Assessment & Mitigation Report
Fire Impact Assessment
Standards of Cover Analysis Part 1
Standards of Cover Analysis Part 2
Standards of Cover Analysis Part 3
FUSD Letter
Economic Impact Analysis
Citizen Participation Plan Part 1
Citizen Participation Plan Part 2
Citizen Participation Plan Part 3a
Citizen Participation Plan Part 3b
Citizen Participation Plan Part 4
Public Comments Part 1
Public Comments Part 2


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