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Meeting Date: 03/22/2023  
From: Tiffany Antol, Senior Planner

PZ-21-00126-02: Northern Arizona Healthcare 
Concept Zoning Map Amendment request, by Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) Corporation, of approximately 98.39 acres located at 1120 W Purple Sage Trail for Phase 1 of the NAH Health Village from Rural Residential (RR – 40.47 acres) and Estate Residential (ER – 57.92 acres) to Highway Commercial (HC – 63.18 acres) and Public Facilities (PF – 35.21 acres).  Of the 14 parcels included in this request, all but three (APN 112-10-036, 112-10-037, and 112-05-125) are currently within the Resource Protection Overlay (RPO).  These remaining three parcels will be added to the RPO as part of this request.  This Concept Zoning Map Amendment request is being considered in conjunction with a new Specific Plan for Phase 1 of the NAH Health Village.
Staff believes that the proposed Zoning Map amendment is in substantial conformance with the required findings and recommends the Planning & Zoning Commission forward the request to the City Council with a recommendation approving an amendment to the Zoning Map for a total of 93.39 acres from the Rural Residential (RR) and Estate Residential (ER) to the Highway Commercial (HC) zone for 63.18 acres and to the Public Facility zone for 35.21 acres.  Additionally, three parcels (112-10-036, 112-10-037, and 112-05-125) will be added to the Resource Protection Overlay (RPO), subject to the following conditions:
  1. The subject property shall be developed in substantial conformance with the approved Specific Plan and concept zoning plan (included in the Specific Plan) and combined project narrative including but not limited to the density and intensity and general layout except as modified herein.
  2. All on-site and off-site transportation improvements as identified in the approved TIA shall be completed prior to issuance of the first certificate of occupancy on the Property.  Assurances shall be provided prior to the issuance of any building permits.
  3. The intersection of Beulah Boulevard and Purple Sage Trail shall be designed and constructed to allow for the future underpass across I-17.  Final design shall be approved by the City Engineer.
  4. All intersections shall be designed and constructed as “protected intersections” for enhanced bicycle and pedestrian safety as feasible subject to the City Engineer’s approval.
  5. A fully staffed ladder company shall be relocated to Fire Station #6 per the approval of the Fire Department.  If Fire Station #6 is not able to accommodate the new equipment and staff a new fire station shall be provided within the immediate vicinity of the existing station.
  6. The Cosmic Ray Tunnel at Sheep’s Trail Crossing shall be redesigned/reconstructed to work with the Beulah Boulevard improvements that include widening the road.
  7. NAH shall provide at a minimum 20-minute shuttle service daily from the Property to the nearest transit stop.   This shuttle service shall be open to the public (including employees) and shall not require additional fares.
  8. Foundation landscaping may be located further than 25 feet from the building to comply with Firewise landscaping requirements as recommended by the Wildfire Mitigation Analysis.
  9. All other requirements of the Zoning Code and other City codes, ordinances, and regulations shall be met by the proposed development as amended within the NAH Health Village Phase 1 Specific Plan.
  10. All terms, conditions, and restrictions detailed within the “NAH Health Village Development Agreement” must be fully satisfied.
  11. If the property is rezoned, and the applicant fails to obtain final Civil Plan approval within two (2) years of the effective date of the rezoning ordinance, then the City may schedule a public hearing before the City Council for the purpose of causing the zoning on the Property to revert to the former classification of Rural Residential (RR) and Estate Residential (ER) in accordance with A.R.S. § 9-462.01.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:

Staff Report
Legal Description and Map for HC Zone
Legal Description and Map for PF Zone
Water Sewer Impact Analysis
Preliminary Drainage Report


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