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December 21, 2022
             1:30 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chair Toner called the meeting to order at 1:31pm.
2. Roll Call
Jean Toner, Chair Marcela Pino - on leave through January
Sara Jarvis Angelica Sanchez
Mandy Martinez Gebler, Vice Chair
Bethany Camp
Carolyn Kidd
Mission Statement and Land Acknowledgment


A commission to foster support, respect, awareness and appreciation of diversity among all citizens of Flagstaff.

The Commission on Diversity Awareness humbly acknowledges the ancestral homelands of this area’s Indigenous nations and original stewards. These lands, still inhabited by Native descendants, border mountains sacred to Indigenous peoples. We honor them, their legacies, their traditions, and their continued contributions. We celebrate their past, present, and future generations who will forever know this place as home.
  The Mission Statement and Land Acknowledgment were read by Chair Toner.
4. Upcoming Opportunities and Announcements
5. Public Comment
6. Approval of Minutes
  Commissioner Camp motioned to approve the minutes; Commissioner Kidd seconded the motion.
The minutes were approved unanimously by the group.
7. Date of Next Meeting: January 18, 2023
  Date of next meeting was agreed upon unanimously.
8. Action Items
A. Welcome Angelica Sanchez New Commission Member
  Commissioner Sanchez was absent and will be welcomed at next month's meeting.
B. Commission discussion on recommendations to add two official City Holidays. Renaming "Day after Thanksgiving" as Native American Heritage Day. Designate Juneteenth as a City Holiday as it is currently a Federal Holiday.
  Commissioner Kidd motioned to approve the renaming of the day after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day and to be made a city holiday, Vice Chair Gebler seconded the motion.
Vice Chair Gebler motioned for Juneteenth to become a city holiday; Commissioner Kidd seconded this motion.
Both motions approved unanimously by the group and the commission agrees to make a formal recommendation to city council on this matter.
C. Mandy Gebler will discuss background on New Life and Wellness Center and outreach.
  Vice Chair Gebler informed the commission on the New Life and Wellness Center and the services that are offered to the community. She mentioned the outreach services they partake in that seek to serve and meet the needs of the indigenous community. She also mentioned the classes and programs they offer to help the community members support themselves including traditional methods of treatment that are specific to the needs of the indigenous communities. 

Staff Liaison Alan Keay requested a flyer from Vice Chair Geber to distribute to the commission.
Guest Donovan Weigman, the Director of Adult Education with Coconino Community College offered for Vice Chair Gebler to do a presentation for the student population on New Life’s services to bring awareness. Vice Chair Gebler agreed to present. She then spoke to the success rate of other New Life Wellness locations.
9. Reports/Discussion Items
Future Priorities/Conversation with Downtown Business Alliance to include literature
Civil Rights
  Chair Toner asked the group who would be interested in forming a conversation with the downtown business alliance, Bethany Camp offered to be a part of this work group. Commissioner Camp agrees to reach out to the group to start discussions with them in collaboration with the Commission. Commissioner Kidd offers to join in this work group as well.
A. Proclamations
i. Proclamations Work Group Update: Jean Toner, Black History Month February
  Chair Toner mentioned the need for the proclamation for Black History month to be drafted and revisited by the group next month so voting can take place within the commission. Vice Chair Gebler agreed to continue to serve on the proclamations work group. Commissioner Kidd agreed to join Vice Chair Gebler on this work group. The work group will update the commission on any progress at next months meeting.
ii. Updates from Staff Liaison
  Staff Liaison Alan Keay updated the commission on the equitable restroom recommendation in the municipal equity index. He informed the group he is still waiting to hear back from the people he has reached out to. Once he hears back, he will share the information with the group and depending on the information he is given, leadership can decide whether or not to make this an agenda item for next months meeting.
B. Proclamations Work Group Update: Felicia Fiedler to present Library Group Update.
  Felicia updated the commission on the current and future plans of collaboration between the library and CODA to help incorporate equitable access within the city. She informed the group of the bi-quarterly programs CODA is collaborating with the library on and the upcoming program regarding LGBTQ+ History of Pride that will take place in April of 2023. She also requested for the group to discuss what the topic for the next program in November will be. Commissioner Camp agreed to work with Chair Toner on these work group collaborations with the library.

Commissioner Camp asked if there was a book club that helps bring awareness to CODA and Chair Toner informed her of the current book club that exists, started by Felicia Fiedler. Felicia shared information about the book club and informed the group of their next meeting.
C. Commission Discussion on what work groups commission members would like to
participate in.
  This was covered in Reports/Discussion Items.
D. Recommendations to Council (updates and future items):
Anti-Camping Ordinance: Moved to January 2023.This Recommendation item will be held
until Commissioner Pino returns in January of 2023 from a leave of absence
E. Current Commission Priorities
Darrell Marks and Youth Group to present update presentation on the Renaming Peaks Project
  Chair Toner updated the group on the status of the process of renaming Agassiz Peak. She expressed that she would like to get the finalized letter of support sent the Youth Group to support this process. She read the drafted letter aloud to the group and after some edits and suggestions Commissioner Kid motioned to approve the finalized letter, Commissioner Camp seconded the motion.

It was voted unanimously by the group to finalize this letter of support so it could be sent to the Youth Group.

Staff Liaison Alan Keay stated that he will send the finalized version of the letter of support out to the commission members.
F. Commissions discussion on priorities to collaborate with the Downtown Business Alliance
about racial profiling that occurs within the city and forming a Work Group to do so. Priorize
education and outreach opportunities with City Businesses.
  This topic was covered in Reports/Discussion Items.
10. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
A. Equitable Restroom Recommendation
  The item is waiting for some research and staff work before it moves forward again. Possible agenda item for January 2023.
B. Commemorative Flag for 2023 Black History Month on behalf for Councilperson House
  Councilperson House informed the group on the conversations being had regarding the current commemorative flags for 2023. She asked to collaborate with CODA to develop a flag that would help represent the African American community for Black History Month better than the current representing flag does. Chair Toner and Vice Chair Gebler both offer suggestions on resource outlets that may be helpful to Councilperson House on this matter.

Staff Liaison Alan Keay informed the group he will place this item on January’s agenda so the group can make recommendations for this mater moving forward.
11. Adjourment
  Chair Toner adjourned the meeting at 2:55pm.


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