December 20, 2022
             12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chair Martinez called the meeting to order at 12:01pm.
2. Roll Call
James Martinez, Chair Rachel Simukonda, Vice Chair
Keith Becker Jeremy Musgrov
Sarah Dorman
Stephanie Birdwell
Monica Attridge
3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation
5. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members
6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita Staff Liaison
  No new information.
B. Estella Hollander Staff Liaison, NAIPTA
  Estella Hollander, Mobility Planner, updated the group on the upcoming accessibility audit that will be performed on the Mountainline website and offered to collaborate with CIAL on any accessibility recommendations. She also informed the group on the date of the next Coordinating Mobility Council meeting and offered the meeting information for other group members to attend. The meeting will be Feb 17th.
C. Michelle Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI
  Michelle Eisenberg was absent and will have the opportunity to update the group upon the next meeting. 
D. Russell Randall Youth Liaison
  Russ Randall, Youth Liaison, informed the group that the Community of Practice Transition Team has finished updating its Charter document. Changes mostly included the language and role of the community. He also informed the group on the upcoming 2023 Superfest Football and Chair Camp that will be taking place the Saturday before the Superbowl in Peoria at Pioneer Park. This Camp will provide accommodated training for those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities to learn football and cheerleading skills.
7. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: November 22, 2022
  Stephanie Birdwell motioned to approve the minutes. Keith Becker seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.
8. Date of Next Meeting - January 24, 2023
A. Ratify November 22, 2022 Agenda due to improper posting on City Website for access to Public. Upon ratification of November 22, 2022, agenda will be posted and November Minutes will be finalized and posted to City Website
  Chair Martinez called for a motion of ratification to the agenda for November 2022 due to not being posted to the city website for public access. Stephanie Birdwell motioned to ratify the agenda. Monica Attridge seconded the motion. The ratification was approved unanimously.
A. Reggie Eckleston, Code Compliance Manager, City of Flagstaff to discuss compliance in snow removal within the City of Flagstaff.
  Reggie Eckleston spoke with the group on code compliance and snow removal on sidewalks within the city. He addressed the priorities and order of operations the city follows regarding snow removal and discussed some of the challenges posed in the process.

Chair Martinez asked Eckelston how to report complaints for blockage. Eckelston then explained the several ways to go about submitting a complaint. He addressed the remainder of questions and concerns that the group had regarding snow removal and how to ensure accessibility for all city citizens and agreed to return to the rest of CIAL meetings for the remainder of the winter.
B. Martin Ince, Transportation Planner Senior, Engineering City of Flagstaff. Staff Liaison for Pedestrian Advisory Committee to give an update and informational items for discussion on sidewalk obstruction.
  Martin Ince, Transportation Planner Senior, proposed to the group to work on creating a working outline to address concerns and strategies regarding sidewalk obstructions within the city. He also announced that the city approved the Active Transportation Master Plan at the beginning of November, which will focus on prioritizing maintenance and snow removal within the city.

Chair Martinez asked to move Martin Ince up on the agenda for January’s CIAL meeting for further discussion on his sidewalk obstruction discussion.
  Martin Ince to continue with group on discussions of snow removal within the city.
  Chair Martinez adjourned the meeting at 1:03 pm.


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