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Meeting Date: 12/06/2022  
From: Amy Hagin, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Consideration and Adoption: Thorpe Park Annex Concept
Adopt the concept for Thorpe Park Annex as currently designed.
Executive Summary:
Based on direction provided by Council on October 25, the team worked with Wheat Design to update the concept, which was discussed with Council on November 15, 2022. The final concept for adoption incorporates the direction received from Council during those two discussions. 

This concept design is high-level design work to provide the framework for how this plan will be expressed visually giving purpose to the features of the design.  The features expressed in the concept design include the Indigenous Community Cultural Center (ICCC) with surroundings that complement and restore the area including native re-vegetation, a traditional ceremonial space, an orchard, community gardening space, a relocated bark park, pickleball courts in an area of the regional park with other active recreation (outside of the Thorpe Park Annex space), a combined skate park/pump track, and ethno-botanical pollinator gardens.  Lastly, city employee housing is conceptual on the design pending discussions with both Arizona State Parks and the National Park Service regarding previous Land and Water Conservation Fund regarding feasibility.  
Financial Impact:
The concept will eventually need to be funded for formal design and construction. Staff anticipates the need to fund and deliver the project in phases. After Council adoption of the concept, staff will work with the Parks and Recreation Commission to prioritize all project needs for funding, including this project, and will be discussed during each budget cycle. Staff will also seek grant opportunities and partnerships.
Policy Impact:
Potential policy changes may be needed in the future, pending any ordinance or zoning changes, or grant funded project area requirements by Arizona State Parks and the National Park Service regarding previous Land and Water Conservation Fund grant project requirements.
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Provide amenities and activities that support a healthy lifestyle
Carbon Neutrality Plan
ES-2:   Proactively engage community members on an ongoing basis.
Regional Plan
Goal E&C.6. Protect, restore and improve ecosystem health and maintain native plant and animal community diversity across all land ownerships in the Flagstaff region.
Previous Council Decision on This:
This has been an iterative process, including discussions with City Council on February 4, 2020; October 25, 2022, and November 15, 2022. Direction from Council at each of these meetings has guided the process to the final concept being discussed at this meeting for adoption.
Options and Alternatives:
Adopt the final concept as presented or request additional changes. 
After a year-long community engagement process, several iterations of draft concepts have gone through community and Council review and input. The final version presented here incorporates Council requested changes from October 25 and November 15, 2022.
Key Considerations:
Adoption of this concept will provide staff with direction on how to redevelop the old Public Works Yard and reincorporate the area into the City's largest regional park, Thorpe Park.
Community Involvement:
The public engagement facilitation endeavored for an inclusive and accessible process through focus groups, surveys, virtual meetings, and in-person design meetings on the site.  Public engagement such as written elements and having an opportunity to build the park with tangible pieces, as well as verbal sessions were held to ensure desired participation was captured. Groups such as the City’s Indigenous Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Indigenous Circle of Flagstaff, along with all current Parks and Recreation user groups were briefed and invited to participate, and the core team consisted of the City's Coordinator of Indigenous Initiatives, the City's Historic Preservation Officer, Parks and Recreation staff, Southwest Decision Resources as the main consultant, and Wheat Design as the landscape architect. Each step of the process built on the previous one creating a foundation where many community members were engaged throughout the year-long process.
Concept Design


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