December 21, 2021
             1:30 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chair Wegwert called the meeting to order at 1:31 PM.
2. Roll Call
DeAnn Wegwert, Chair
Christine Tucci
Robert "Dan" Duke Marcela Pino
Claire Hardi
Mandy Martinez Gebler
Jean Toner, Vice Chair

Others in Attendance:
  • Jessica Vigorito - Staff Liaison
3. Public Comment
  Marian Moore descendant of Louie Agassiz – spoke during the Land Acknowledgment update.
4. Approval of Minutes
A. Consideration and Approval of Minutes: Commission on Diversity Awareness Meeting of November 22, 2021.
  • Commissioner Wegwert motioned for the November 22, 2021 minutes to be approved.
  • Commissioner Gebler seconded the motion.
  • Motion approved unanimously.
5. Date of Next Meeting - January 18, 2022
  No conflicts stated in the meeting.
6. Action Items
A. Black History Month Proclamation
  • The workgroup partnered with Kara House with the Advisory County Commission and is in line with the National objectives.
  • Recommended changes – replace “first as pioneers” with “first as citizens”.
  • Public Participant Darrell Marks asked where the verbiage comes from, Commissioner Toner gave the history of the last two years on the Black History Month proclamations and stated they collaborated with the County for this Proclamation. 
  • Commissioner Hardi asked if the County was in support of the Proclamation verbiage and asked if they could view the Indigenous Proclamation but would want the County Commission to weigh in if changes were made.
  • Commissioner Toner asked whether Southside Community association, Deb Harris could also be used a resource for this Proclamation. 
  • Chair Wegwert asked if we could bring it back on the January agenda.
  • Public Participant Darrell Marks offered to share the draft that the Indigenous Commission originally proposed to the City and offered to assist the Proclamations work group.
  • Commissioner Gebler has a former colleague at NAU for Inclusion and can ask for input as well. 
  • All agreed to review a new draft in the January 18th meeting.
7. Reports/Discussion Items
A. Land Acknowledgment Workgroup Update
  • The Native American High School Group provided an update on their efforts to rename the Agassiz Peak and asked for the Commission to write a letter of support to send to Department of the Interior. The request will include a Geographic Name report to remove the name Agassiz housed with the Forest Service. 
  • Son of Darrell Marks stated they need the letter from the Commission.  
  • Commissioner Gebler stated she would like to see a letter of support and offered assistance to write the letter. Commissioner Hardi asked if they could write a letter from Commission. Staff liaison clarified that letter of support to Council is within the Enacting Authority, not writing a letter to the Federal government on behalf of City. Public Participant Marian Moore gave the history of the Agassiz family and stated support of the effort.
  • Commissioner Duke left the meeting at 2:17pm.
  • Chair Wegwert asked about a deadline for the letter. Public Participant Darrell Marks stated no specific due date but stated before the snow melts and the Mountain wakes back up.
  • Staff liaison asked if this request was scheduled to present before Council.  Chair Wegwert asked if the group has discussed the request with the Indigenous Commission.
  • Chair Wegwert asked if there is a letter for Council, could the Commission review it at the January meeting? Commissioner Gebler encouraged to work with the Indigenous Commission but supports having a letter from CODA separately.  Commissioner Gebler would like to ensure the Indigenous Commission is aware the Commission on Diversity Awareness is sending a letter. Commissioner Toner requested Staff Liaison to reach out to the Indigenous Commission and ask if they would like to participate in the January 18th meeting.  Public Participant Darrell Marks stated they have not presented to City Council or the Indigenous Commission yet. Commissioner Wegwert asked for members to work on the draft letter for the January 18th meeting. Commissioner Wegwert motioned to have a Commission member draft a letter to support the name change of the Peaks for consideration at the January 18th meeting. Commissioner Toner seconded the motion, Commissioner Gebler third, Motion approved unanimously.  Commissioner Wegwert asked who else would like to work with Commissioner Gebler, Commissioner Toner offered to work on this draft as well.  Commissioner Gebler asked if the letter should be viewed by Public Participant Darrell Marks. Public Participant Darrell Marks offered help with the letter. 
  • Staff Liaison updated the group that Commissioner Toner read the Land Acknowledgment at the October 26th City Council meeting. 
  • Commissioner Toner asked to add an item to the January agenda: vote on whether the meetings should begin with stating the Land Acknowledgment at CODA meetings.
B. Proclamations
i. Proclamations Work Group Update 
  • Commissioner Gebler stated the Proclamation is in May, not March. Staff Liaison should request a Council date change to May for Mental Health Awareness. 
C. Recommendations to Council and Current Commission Priorities
i. Thank You letter for Flagstaff High School Student Club
  Staff Liaison informed the group that the Thank You Letter was sent on November 30, 2021 from the Mayor's Office.
Equitable Restroom Recommendation
  • This will be on Council agenda January 11th. Commissioner Wegwert will be in attendance and can present the information. 
  • Discuss who will present the information for Council's discussion. How long will the presentation be? Chair Wegwert will get back to the Staff Liaison. .
  • Discuss next steps from the Municipal Equity Index presentation.
    • Commissioner Toner asked to add this to the February agenda. 
Recommendations for Consideration 
  Anti Camping Ordinance - Update from the Workgroup
  • Commissioner Hardi stated that there have been some Council discussion on this topic. Commissioner Toner asked about current Anti Camping Ordinance. Staff Liaison was unsure. Chair Wegwert asked to keep this on the agenda.
D. Meeting Date and Time Discussion
  • Staff Liaison stated that this meeting is close and overlaps with Council meetings and would the Commission consider moving the date and time to allow Council Liaison to attend. 
  • Commissioner Toner would like to discuss this at the February meeting. Commissioner Wegwert asked about Staff Liaison schedule. Commissioner Wegwert also reminded the group that having a quorum is important.
8. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
  Staff Liaison noted that the following needed to be added back to the Future Priorities section:
  • Criminal Justice conversation with Flagstaff Police Department
  • Conversation with Downtown Business Alliance including literature to distribute
  • Civil Rights
9. Adjourment
  Chair Wegwert adjourned the meeting at 2:56 PM.


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