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Meeting Date: 11/21/2023  
Co-Submitter: Jeff Ely From: Evan Tyrrell, Solid Waste Director

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Cooperative Purchase Contract with Empire Southwest, LLC in the amount of $1,103,354.00, plus other fees and taxes, for a Caterpillar 826K Refuse Compactor. 
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Empire Southwest, LLC in the amount of $1,103,354.00, plus other fees and taxes, for a Caterpillar 826K Refuse Compactor of $1,103,354.00; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:

The landfill refuse compactor (Compactor) is the primary machine used at the Cinder Lake Landfill in the daily operations to push, pulverize, and compact trash. The Cinder Lake Landfill receives on average 350 tons of trash per day. The Compactor operates throughout the operating hours of the landfill six days a week. Achieving optimal compaction will extend the life of the landfill, while ensuring consistency and performance of the landfill machinery. This state of the art machinery also allows staff to ensure the we are meeting environmental standards for emissions.

The Cinder Lake Landfill has two Compactors, one front-line and the second is a backup unit. Compactors have a useful life of about 12,000 hours. The backup machine was refurbished in 2011. Because of the age of the machine, overall condition of this compactor, and the harsh nature of the work it performs, a second refurbishment will not give the life or reliability needed for a front-line machine. Currently, the backup Compactor has approximately 24,000 hours of use. The Compactor proposed for replacement is a 2004 Caterpillar 826H. Staff recommends that the backup Compactor be replaced, thereby allowing the 2019 Caterpillar 826K refuse compactor with approximately (10,500 hours) to serve at the landfill’s backup compactor. As a critical component of the landfill, this machine is planned for replacement in the Solid Waste Capital plan this fiscal year and once the machine approaches 10,000 hours of use.

Financial Impact:

Heavy machinery has experienced a significant increase in price over the past few years due to supply chain limitations and inflation. Additional Solid Waste funds were budgeted for this machine this year in anticipation of the increased cost.  The Solid Waste Section has identified a series of other capital rolling stock purchase savings this year that will make the purchase of this critical machine possible.    

Funds will be reallocated from the landfill rolling stock budget to fund this purchase from account number 211-06-165-0631-0-4401.

Policy Impact:
Acquiring this new Compactor will ensure the continued operations at the Cinder Lake Landfill that maximizes efficiencies, airspace utilization, and the protection of human health and the environment.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives

High Performance Governance  

  • Serve the public by providing high quality customer service 

  • Enhance the organizations fiscal stability & increase efficiency and effectiveness

Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure   
  • Deliver outstanding services to residents through a healthy, well maintained infrastructure system. 

Environmental Stewardship  

  • Promote, protect, & enhance a healthy, sustainable environment & its natural resources.

Carbon Neutrality Plan

Sustainable Consumption and Waste Management 

  • MM-1 Manage emissions from the Cinder Lake Landfill
  • MM-2: Encourage sustainable consumption 
Regional Plan

Goal PF.2 - Provide sustainable and equitable public facilities, service, and infrastructure systems in an efficient and effective manner to serve all population areas and demographics.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
The City of Tucson conducted a competitive and open procurement process through a Request for Proposal Solicitation No. 212816 that resulted in Contract No. 212816-01 with Empire Southwest, LLC. The City of Flagstaff Purchasing Section has verified the cooperative purchase contract as valid and appropriate and presents the best value to the City.
826 Image
Cooperative Purchase Contract
Exhibit A - Quote
Exhibit B - Agency Contract
Exhibit B - Agency Contract Extension


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