City Council Work Session

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Meeting Date: 11/14/2023  
From: Heidi Hansen, Economic Vitality Director

Discussion of Draft Advertising Policies for Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and City Recreation Facilities
Staff previously discussed the idea of creating a City of Flagstaff Advertising Policy and presented the City Council with a draft policy for consideration at a work session on September 12, 2023. Staff took Council's comments from the discussion on September 12 and made further revisions to the draft policies and developed options for the Council to discuss and consider. In addition, after further consideration, staff have created two separate policies--one for Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and another for City recreation facilities--recognizing the respective nonpublic forums have distinct purposes.

Staff will be seeking direction from Council regarding the respective advertising policies. If Council wishes to move forward with the draft policies, staff will make final revisions and bring the final policies back for Council adoption on November 21. 
Executive Summary:
The City of Flagstaff has permitted advertising to be placed in certain City of Flagstaff facilities for a number of years. The facilities that accept advertising currently are the Jay Lively Activity Center and the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.  

The advertising agreements staff have used in the past contain an outline of advertising standards, but after recent internal discussions about those standards, staff believes a more formal policy is needed. Creation of a formal policy will be consistent with common industry practice.  

After meeting with the Council on the draft City of Flagstaff Advertising Policy, staff took Council comment and are coming back with several options for Council to discuss.  
Financial Impact:
Financial impact will be determined from which option the Council decides to use moving forward. At this time, there is no additional expense in creating an advertising policy. 
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:

Previous Council Decision on This:
Staff presented a draft City of Flagstaff Advertising Policy to the Council in September 2023. Staff heard several comments from the Council and said they would take those comments and return with further options. At this meeting, we will discuss those options with Council. 

Draft Pulliam Airport Advertising Policy
Draft Recreation Facilities Advertising Policy


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