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November 16, 2022
             1:30 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chair Toner called the meeting to order at 1:31pm.
2. Roll Call
Jean Toner, Chair Marcela Pino - on leave through January
Sara Jarvis Kaiden Akersmontana
Mandy Martinez Gebler, Vice Chair
Bethany Camp
Carolyn Kidd
Mission Statement and Land Acknowledgment


A commission to foster support, respect, awareness and appreciation of diversity among all citizens of Flagstaff.

The Commission on Diversity Awareness humbly acknowledges the ancestral homelands of this area’s Indigenous nations and original stewards. These lands, still inhabited by Native descendants, border mountains sacred to Indigenous peoples. We honor them, their legacies, their traditions, and their continued contributions. We celebrate their past, present, and future generations who will forever know this place as home.
  The Mission Statement was read by Chair Toner and the Land Acknowledgment was read by Commissioner Kidd.
4. Upcoming Opportunities and Announcements
  Chair Toner welcomed new Commission members and explaind the purpose of the Upcoming Opportunities and Announcements Agenda item. She then informed the group of the opportunities on the Indigenous Commission's website that are taking place over the course of Native American Heritage Month. She also announced that she met with Felicia Fiedler to discuss programming around increasing diversity awareness throughout Flagstaff through the Flagstaff Library and reminded the group that they will be providing programming for the months of May and November of 2023. To conclude her statement, she announced the subject for the month of May 2023 will be “History of Pride in Flagstaff.”

Vice Chair Gebler announced the New Life Wellness Clinic of Flagstaff will be hosting an open house on November 17, 2022 from 12pm-4pm.

Commissioner Kidd announced that Coconino County will be hosting a Book Club meeting from 9pm-10pm on November 17, 2022 in honor of Native American Heritage Month.
5. Public Comment
6. Approval of Minutes
  Vice Chair Gebler motioned for the October 25th, 2022 regular meeting minutes to be approved as written.

Chair Toner seconded the motion.

Motion approved unanimously.
7. Date of Next Meeting - December 21st at 1:30pm
  Date of next meeting was agreed upon unanimously.
8. Action Items: Welcome new members – Introductions and why you were interested in serving on this commission.
9. Reports/Discussion Items
  Staff Liaisons Alan Keay, Sara Stachura, and Lisa Keita introduced themselves to the new commissioners. Keay explained the role of the Staff Liaisons and how to request an item to be on the meeting agenda.

Chair Toner explained the purpose of and current pending agenda items to the group, as well as why they are still pending. She informed the group of City Council's progress regarding changing bathroom signage throughout the city to be more inclusive as well as the progress made with the Flagstaff High School group regarding renaming the Peaks. She stated that he group is waiting for both parties to take action on these agendas to move forward. Then, Chair Toner mentioned the Anti-Camping Ordinance will be put on hold until January 2023 due to Commissioner Pino’s leave of absence. Lastly, she explained the purpose of proclamations and offered the current Work Group opportunities to the new commissioners.

Chair Toner mentioned one of the commissions priorities is to collaborate with the Downtown Business Alliance about racial profiling that occurs within the city and forming a Work Group to do so. Commissioner Camp then requested to prioritize education and outreach opportunities with the city businesses. Chair Toner agreed and asked the Staff Liaison to move this agenda item up to next month's agenda.
A. Proclamations
i. Proclamations Work Group Update
  Proclamation discussed during Reports and Discussion Items by Chair Toner.
ii. Updates from Staff Liaison
  Staff Liaison Alan Keay mentioned Veterans Brain Health Awareness was discussed at the City Council meeting held on November 15th, 2022. No further updates were provided.
B. Recommendations to Council (updates and future items)
  1. Anti-Camping Ordinance: Moved to Janurary 2023
  This Recommendation item will be held until Commissioner Pino returns in January of 2023 from a leave of absence. 
C. Current Commission Priorities
  Current Priorities were discussed during Reports and Discussion Items by Chair Toner.
10. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
  • Proclamations - Black History Month February
  • Future Priorities
    • Conversation with Downtown Business Alliance to include literature
    • Civil Rights
  These items were discussed during Reports and Discussion Items by Chair Toner.

Renaming of the Peaks Workgroup Update

Pending follow up from the High School group on when to send the Commission's recommendation to Council.

Equitable Restroom Recommendation

The item is currently in the Staff Future Agenda Items queue which means it is waiting for some research and staff work before it moves forward again. Staff Liaison Alan Keay mentions he will check in with the Commissions past Staff Liaison for details regarding research on Equitable Restroom Recommendation.

Municipal Equity Index

Chair Toner mentioned the Commission has decided to wait until the next Municipal Equity Index is released to move forward with this agenda item.
11. Adjourment
  Chair Toner adjourned the meeting at 2:24pm.


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