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Meeting Date: 11/01/2022  
From: Genevieve Pearthree, Senior Planner

Consideration and Approval of Final Plat: RP4V, LLC and RP40, LLC request approval of the Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family, a 6-unit multi-family residential townhome subdivision (PZ-19-00019-08). The 5.1-acre site is located at 1221 East Emma Drive in the MR, Medium Density Residential Zone, and has a Resource Protection Overlay (RPO).
Approve the Final Plat and authorize the Mayor to sign the Final Plat when notified by staff that all documents are ready for signature and recordation. 
Executive Summary:
A request for approval of the Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family, a 6-unit multi-family residential townhome subdivision. The developer is proposing to amend the previous Rio Homes Unit 4 plat to erase existing lot lines, and clarify parking and access issues, so that 40 additional multifamily residential housing units currently being built on the site can be sold individually as condos (the condominium plat is being processed concurrently through the Final Condominium Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family, application number: PZ-19-00019-09).
Financial Impact:
No financial impacts are anticipated with this Final Plat.
Policy Impact:
No policy impacts are affiliated with this Final Plat.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Carbon Neutrality Plan
  • DD-1:  Encourage vibrancy, appropriate density, and attainability in existing neighborhoods, so that more residents live within walking distance of their daily needs.
PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives
  • Robust Resilient Economy - Grow and strengthen a more equitable and resilient economy.
Regional Plan Policies and Goals
  • Policy LU.5.1. Encourage development patterns within the designated growth boundaries to sustain efficient infrastructure projects and maintenance.
  • Policy LU.5.2. Promote infill development over peripheral expansion to conserve environmental resources, spur economic investments, and reduce the cost of providing infrastructure and services.
  • Goal NH.1. Foster and maintain healthy and diverse urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods in the Flagstaff region.
  • Policy WR.4.3. Development requiring public utility services will be located within the Urban Growth Boundary.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
  • 2002: City Council approved the Ordinance No. 2002-03, An Ordinance Authorizing the Sale of City Owned Real Property for Affordable Housing in the Rio Homes Development
  • 2005: City Council approved the Rio Homes Final Plat
  • October 20, 2020: City Council approved the to the Rio Homes Unit 4 Final Plat (first plat amendment)
  • July 7, 2022: City Council approved the Preliminary Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family (PZ-19-00019-07; this is the second plat amendment) and the Preliminary Condominium Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family (PZ-19-00019-06; this is the concurrent condominium plat).
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Final Plat with no conditions.
  2. Approve the Final Plat with conditions.
  3. Deny the Final Plat based on non-compliance with the Zoning Code, the Subdivision Code, and/or the Engineering Standards and Specifications for New Infrastructure.

Development History
The subject site is located at located at 1221 E. Emma Dr. on the north side of East Pine Knoll Drive and east of Lone Tree Road. The Rio Homes Unit 4 development was originally intended in the mid-2000s to be a cohousing type of community and included a larger parcel intended for a common house. The original 2005 subdivision plat proposed variety of detached and attached residential building types across 21 lots and 9 tracts. The only structures from the original development plan that were ultimately built were six townhome units, each with an associated detached garage (two of the garages have an accessory dwelling unit on the second floor).
A first amendment to the Rio Homes Unit 4 subdivision was approved by City Council in 2020 (and recorded in 2021) to allow for the development of 40 additional multi-family residential units.The amendment modified the 2005 plat to create 12 lots and 3 tracts to allow for the development of 40 multifamily residential units (rental apartments). It maintained the lot lines for the townhomes and garages that had already been developed but removed most of the lot lines that had not been developed. City staff approved the Site Plan for the 40 residential units on March 26, 2020 (Civil Plans were approved on July 10, 2020, and Building Permits were approved on November 11, 2021).
The developer has decided to turn the 40 multifamily residential units into condominiums so that they can be sold individually. The condominiums are located on Tracts B and C the Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multifamily and are being processed concurrently in a separate application (Final Condominium Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multifamily PZ-19-00019-09).
The Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multifamily is a second amendment to the Rio Homes Unit 4 subdivision plat.  The purpose of the request is to erase the property lines for four townhome lots that were never developed so that the multifamily residential units being built in these locations can be sold individually. The amendment also clarifies parking/access between the townhome and condominium owners. Staff also administratively approved this plat on October 3, 2022
Type of Plat
This second amendment to the Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Multi-Family is for a townhome subdivision consisting of 6 townhome lots and associated garages. All areas in the subdivision not allocated as lots are reserved as tracts. There are three tracts. The purposes of Tract A are: access, ingress/egress, parking, common element, and open space. The purposes of Tract B are: common element, open space, resource protection, drainage maintenance easement, and multifamily development. The purposes of Tract C are: ingress/egress, parking, common element, and open space. 
Key Considerations:
The City Council shall find the Final Plat meets the findings for approval, which is compliance with the following City Code sections:
  1. City Code Title 10, Flagstaff Zoning Code
  2. City Code Division 11-20, Subdivision and Land Split Regulations
  3. City Code Title 13, Engineering Design Standards and Specifications
Community Benefits and Considerations:
This amendment will facilitate the addition of 40 new for-sale housing units to the existing six townhome units on the Rio Homes Unit 4 site (through the concurrent Final Plat for Rio Homes Unit 4 Condominiums, case number PZ-19-00019-09). The new housing will be a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.
Community Involvement:
Inform. No public hearings or public outreach are required by either the Zoning Code or the Subdivision Code as part of a Final Plat subdivision review process.
Final Plat


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