City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 11/01/2022  
From: Stacy Fobar, Deputy City Clerk

Consideration of Appointments:  Commission on Diversity Awareness.
Make one appointment to a term expiring September 2023.
Make three appointments to terms expiring September 2025. 
Executive Summary:
The Commission on Diversity Awareness consists of seven citizens who represent the diverse population of Flagstaff. The mission of the commission includes, but is not limited to, fostering mutual understanding, tolerance, respect, and awareness among all citizens; recognizing the different economic, cultural, social, religious, and ethnic groups within the City; cooperating in the development of educational programs dedicated to improving community relations and enlisting support of various groups to foster diversity awareness.

There are four appointments to be made due to three expired terms and one resignation.

There are eight applications on file for consideration by the Council as follows:
  • Kaiden Akersmontana (new applicant)
  • Bethany Camp (new applicant)
  • Sara Jarvis (new applicant)
  • Carolyn Kidd (new applicant)
  • Lazarus Melan (new applicant)
  • Blue Montana (new applicant)
  • Angelica Maria Sanchez (new applicant)
  • Steven Thompson (new applicant)
In an effort to reduce exposure to personal information the applicant roster and application will be submitted to the City Council separately.

COUNCIL APPOINTMENT ASSIGNMENT: Councilmember Shimoni, Councilmember Aslan, Councilmember McCarthy, and Councilmember Salas
Financial Impact:
These are voluntary positions and there is no budgetary impact on the City of Flagstaff.
Policy Impact:
Not applicable.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
There is no Council goal that specifically addresses appointments to Boards and Commissions; however, boards and commissions to provide input and recommendations based on City Council goals that may pertain to the board or commission work plan.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
1) Appoint four Commissioners: By appointing four members at this time, the Commission on Diversity Awareness will be at full membership, allowing the group to meet and provide recommendations to the City Council.

2) Postpone the action to allow for further discussion or expand the list of candidates.
The City's boards, commissions, and committees were created to foster public participation and input and to encourage Flagstaff citizens to take an active role in city government.
Community Involvement:
INFORM: The vacancies are posted on the City's website and individual recruitment and mention of the opening by Commission members and City staff has occurred, informing others of this vacancy through word of mouth.
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