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Meeting Date: 12/01/2020  
Co-Submitter: David McIntire From: Gail Brockman, Park Flag

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Approve a cooperative purchase contract with Passport Labs, Inc. for parking enforcement software services utilizing the National Cooperative Purchasing  Alliance (NCPA) Contract (Contract # 05-20).
1. Approve the amendments made to the contract with Passport Labs Inc., including the extension of the contract at the discounted rate for parking software and services in an amount not-to-exceed $140,329.92 over a four year contract period, identified as Years 4,5,6 and 7:
  • Annual Breakdown
  • Year 4  $32,558.20
  • Year 5  $34,186.11
  • Year 6  $35,895.42
  • Year 7  $37,690.19
2. Approve the changes to the language of the contract to include an overlap of services from Nupark during the implementation of Passport.
3. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
On August 18, 2020 the City Council approved a cooperative purchase contract with Passport Labs, Inc. ("Passport") for the annual subscription for parking enforcement software and enforcement equipment; however, Passport later requested clarifications as to its scope of work and this contract has not been executed.  

The new proposed cooperative purchase contract with Passport includes an updated scope of work, and clarifies the transition in services between the current Nupark contract and the new Passport contract.  Also, Passport has offered the City of Flagstaff an additional year to be added to the contract on the same discounted price scale.This is beneficial for the ParkFlag program considering the loss of revenue experienced in response to COVID-19. This amended contract with Passport Labs Inc. will extend our contractual relationship for software services until 2024. The detailed contract pricing sheet will be attached prior to the December 1, 2020 Council Meeting.
Financial Impact:
The contract is a necessary expense for the parking program and is budgeted annually in account 061-07-0891-6-4343 with total FY 2020-21 budget of $110,978 for all software contracts.  Though ParkFlag is currently suspended and not making revenue, the subscription for enforcement software is in ParkFlags's existing budget and is necessary to maintain for program re-engagement in March 2021 and for current title 9 enforcement status.  The one year extension of the contract is beneficial, providing ParkFlag the continued discounted rate for the contracted services. 
Policy Impact:
There would be no change in policy.
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
3) Provide sustainable and equitable public facilities, services, and infrastructure systems in an efficient and effective manner to serve all population areas and demographics. 

Regional Plan
Policy LU 10.2.) Support on-street parking, shared lots and parking structures.
Policy LU 12.2.) Create downtown parking strategy plan that continues to utilize and improve upon on-street parking, public parking lots and garages, and shared private parking spaces, with clear signage for wayfinding and to inform the public of all parking options. 
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Council approved a cooperative purchase contract with Passport on August 18, 2020; however, this contract has not been executed. 
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve proposed contract;
  2. Do not approve proposed contract and continue using services of Passport under the existing contract. However, this is not recommended because its software offerings are not as useful to the City.
  3. Direct staff to take other action.
City-Passport Contract
Statement of Work
Agency Contract - Passport Response
Agency Contract - renewal
Agency Contract - award
Agency Contract - RFP26-16


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