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Meeting Date: 12/01/2020  
From: Eliza Kretzmann, Beautification, Arts & Sciences Manager


Consideration and Approval: Artist's contract for the downtown library entry project with Jones Studio, Inc. for $75,000.

  1. Approve the artist's contract for the downtown library entry project with Jones Studio, Inc. for $75,000.
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
Flagstaff’s main library downtown, the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library, located at 300 West Aspen Avenue is an important public space in Flagstaff. Its mission is to inspire learning, enrich lives, and strengthen community. The library currently has a project to improve its outdoor entryway both in its aesthetic and functional form and to enhance its accessibility, inclusiveness, and ADA compliance. The redesign of this entry has created an opportunity to re-envision the entire space to create a more welcoming, usable, and inspiring public space. Direction from initial stakeholders is to create a handicap-accessible and inclusive design that highlights the building and its entry, including elements such as outdoor seating for library programming, developing a donor recognition opportunity, and creation of artwork/beautification elements that reflect what a library represents. Design program details are subject to evolving and changing. The construction design of the project is currently underway and is financed through Beautification BBB (Bed, Board and Beverage) tax funds. BBB funds are allocated by ordinance exclusively for uses such as these.
The contract before you for $75,000 is from BBB Arts and Science funds in the Council-approved budget. The contract includes:
  • Participation in the design team to integrate beautification and art elements;
  • Public Outreach; and
  • Design, fabrication and installation of elements.
City staff released a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ) for an artist to join the library entry team.  The RSOQ was for an artist to work with a design team early in the process to create art that integrates with the new re-design of the library entry. Direction for the public art is to successfully contextualize the art within the plaza; to have the artist determine the type of artwork; to amplify the programming of the plaza to the greatest extent possible; to create, and to fabricate and install artwork that exemplifies the possibilities a library represents, e.g., imagination, excavation of ideas, seeking, exploration, learning, community enrichment, community bonds. The proposed, negotiated contract is consistent with the RSOQ.

Attachments Include the City Council presentation, the public notice for the RSOQ and the recommended contract.
Financial Impact:
The contract cost is $75,000, paid in installments tied to project progress. Funding is budgeted and available and Council-approved for this fiscal year in the BBB - Arts and Science Fund in account 054-07-216-0871-5-4425. Recession measures were taken that do not affect this line item. If additional recession measures are necessary, other projects have been identified from which to draw funding.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
This project and contract are related to several Priority-Based Budgeting (PBB) Key Community Priorities, including:
  • Safe & Healthy Community: The integrated art supports the new re-entry project focused on bringing the area into ADA compliance.
  • Livable Community: The redesign seeks to create a more usable, inspiring and beautiful public space while addressing ADA compliance. It has the potential for increased quality of life in Flagstaff.
  • Robust Resilient Economy: The project adds to community draw for tourists and locals alike.
  • Inclusive and Engaged Community: This project includes community outreach for input on design elements by the selected contractor and city staff.
  • Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure: Bringing an artist to the design team allows for innovative, creative integration of designs.
This project also reflects the following Regional Plan Goals and Policies:
Goal CC.3. Preserve, restore, enhance, and reflect the design traditions of Flagstaff in all public and private development efforts.

Goal CC.4. Design and develop all projects to be contextually sensitive, to enhance a positive image and identity for the region.

Goal CC.5. Support and promote art, science, and education resources for all to experience. (Including: Policy CC.5.3. Encourage the integration of art into public and private development projects.)

Goal LU.11. Prioritize the continual reinvigoration of downtown Flagstaff, whose strategic location, walkable blocks, and historic buildings will continue to be a vibrant destination for all.

Policy LU.12.10. Seek opportunities to improve ADA accessibility in downtown.

Goal LU.17. Protect, manage, and enhance the region’s Special Planning Areas to benefit the whole community.

Goal LU.18. Develop well designed activity centers and corridors with a variety of employment, business, shopping, civic engagement, cultural opportunities, and residential choices.

Goal PF.2. Provide sustainable and equitable public facilities, services, and infrastructure systems in an efficient and effective manner to serve all population areas and demographics. (Including: Policy PF.2.3. Provide accessible public facilities and services in strategic locations. Policy PF.2.4. Support quality civic design for all public facilities.)

Goal NH.2. Look to downtown Flagstaff as the primary focal point of the community character. (Highlighting Policy NH.2.1. Encourage the rehabilitation of historic downtown structures and contextual new structures as office, retail, entertainment, and residential space to reinvigorate the area as a destination of culture, shopping, government, and the arts.)

Goal ED. 6.Tourism will continue to provide a year-round revenue source for the community, while expanding specialized tourist resources and activities.

Goal ED.7. Continue to promote and enhance Flagstaff ’s unique sense of place as an economic development driver. (Including:

Policy ED.7.1. Support planning, design, and development that positively, creatively, and flexibly contribute to the community image.)

Policy T.5.3. Identify specific pedestrian mobility and accessibility challenges and develop a program to build and maintain necessary improvements.

Policy T.2.3. Provide safety programs and infrastructure to protect the most vulnerable travelers, including the young, elderly, mobility impaired, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
There have not been previous Council decisions on this project beyond the approval of the budget.
Options and Alternatives:
1) Approve the award for the artist contract as recommended. Approval will allow work on the project to move forward.
2) Council may request staff to change certain components which may require re-negotiation and will impact the project timeline.
3) Reject the contract award and provide additional direction to staff. This will delay or prevent the inclusion of an artistic addition in the library entry design.
Purchasing staff published a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ) solicitation for
Artistic Services for Library Entrance Art in the Arizona Daily Sun on August 9 and August 16, 2020,
and posted the solicitation to the City of Flagstaff’s PlanetBids Website on August 3, 2020. On
September 2, 2020, the City received five Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from Artist firms. A seven- member Selection Committee reviewed and evaluated the statements. Based upon the numerical scoring of the written SOQs, the Selection Committee identified the three most qualified Firms to advance to interviews.
The Selection Committee interviewed all three finalists and based upon the combined scores of the written SOQs and interviews, the Selection Committee identified the most qualified Firm to perform the Artistic services for the Library Entrance Art Project and recommended to commence negotiations for a scope and fee proposal to be provided by Jones Studios. Final combined scores (written SOQs plus interviews) of all three finalist firms are as follows:

Jones Studios:    849
Five Moores:       756
Zokaites:             700
Jones Studios demonstrated, through their SOQ and interview, a clear recognition of the knowledge and experience needed to represent the City’s vision in this undertaking, as well as understanding the schedule and collaboration requirements for completing this project.
Key Considerations:
1) Current best practices for inclusion of arts in infrastructure involves the artist in the design early.
2) Funds are budgeted and come from BBB revenues.
3) A robust stakeholder process was held culminating with the Beautification and Public Art Commission approval of the artist selected.
4) The project construction design is underway so timeliness in selecting an artist is critical.
Community Involvement:
A diverse selection panel was created to select the artist. The selection panel consisted of representatives from Friends of the Library, Library Foundation Board, library staff, a local artist/gallery owner, and two members from the Beautification and Public Art Commission. The selected contractor is Jones Studio Inc. with Principal Artist Maria Salenger. This applicant was chosen because they best took into account the larger context, environment and culture of Flagstaff, they thought carefully about the site and the importance of the library to our community, and their materials showed a strong record of past projects with design teams and community input, including another library project. The selection panel’s choice was also approved by the Beautification in Public Art Commission at their October 10, 2020 meeting.
RSOQ Public Notice
Council Presentation


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