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Meeting Date: 12/01/2020  
Co-Submitter: Bryce Doty From: Carmen Pryer, Real Estate Specialist

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Approve the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement between the City of Flagstaff and Allen T. Ginsberg for the purchase of 424 East Butler Avenue (104-01-023) for the purpose of public right-of-way for the Lone Tree Overpass project.  The property consists of a Single Family Dwelling and approximately .82 acres on the Northwest corner of South Colorado Street and East Butler Avenue.
Approve the Real Estate Purchase and Sales Agreement between the City of Flagstaff and Allen T. Ginsberg; and, authorize the City Manager to execute all necessary documents to fulfill the intent of this Purchase and Sales Agreement.
Executive Summary:
City Council approved Ordinance 2020-20 on August 18, 2020, to purchase the property located at 424 East Butler Avenue for the Lone Tree Overpass project.  An agreement is attached to purchase the property for $375,000. 
Financial Impact:
The total purchase price of three hundred seventy-five thousand dollars, ($375,000.00), including a deposit of $1,000 in earnest money. The price was determined by an independent appraisal.   The property will be purchased with funds from Proposition 420, a  sales tax rate approved by Flagstaff voters to construct the Lone Tree Overpass.
Policy Impact:
Purchase of the property supports existing policy to construct the Lone Tree Overpass project.   
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure
Provide effective management of and infrastructure for all modes of transportation

Safe & Healthy Community
Ensure the built environment is safe through the use of consistent standards, rules & regulations, & land use practices

Regional Plan
Goal T.1. Improve mobility and access throughout the region.
Policy T.1.1. Integrate a balanced, multimodal, regional transportation system.

Goal T.2. Improve transportation safety and efficiency for all modes.
Policy T.2.1. Design infrastructure to provide safe and efficient movement of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Yes. Council approved Ordinance 2020-20 authorizing the acquisition of approximately .082 acres of real property located at 424 East Butler Avenue, Coconino County Assessor Parcel Number 104-01-023. The first read was at the July 7, 2020, Council Meeting, and the second read of the ordinance occurred on August 18, 2020.
Options and Alternatives:

1. Approve the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.

2. Amend the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.

3. Reject the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.

The property owner recently approached the City and asked whether the City would be interested in purchasing the subject property. The property was identified in the 2010 Lone Tree Overpass study as necessary for acquisition. 
Key Considerations:
The parcel is necessary to construct the Lone Tree Overpass which was approved by voters in 2018 through Proposition 420.  The overpass will provide improved connectivity, accomodate motor vehicles, transit, bicycles and pedestrians, which can help with congestion relief. 
Expanded Financial Considerations:
The estimated cost to purchase the real property and provide a Public right-of-way is three hundred seventy-five dollars, ($375,000.00).
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The Lone Tree Overpass Project will provide a new entry in to downtown Flagstaff, provide enhanced regional mobility, and improve community and local circulation.  The project will enhance the multi-modal initiatives of the community, including inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and transit opportunities.
Community Involvement:
Ordinance 2020-20
Legal Description
Purchase Contract


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