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DAY OF WEEK: Tuesday
DATE: 10/25/2022
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12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge
Keith Becker
Stephanie Birdwell
Rachel Simukonda, Vice Chair

3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation

5. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members
Vice Chair Rachel Simukonda is hosting a youth transition fair at Coconino Community College this Friday 10/28. She has printed flyers about self-advocacy to speak on. Noting that she printed them on Neon cardstock to make it easier for visually impaired citizens. She asked if anyone had any other ideas on how she might be able to accommodate to other differently abled citizens.
Chairperson Jamie Martinez states, for everyone to give It a thought and reach out to Rachel.

Russ Randall verified that the fair is from 9am to 1pm. He says there will be 3 breakouts at 30 minutes each. He recommends Comissioner Rachel Simukonda should be there around 8:30am.

Commissioner Rachel Simukonda asks if there’s any other ideas of things that she should be taking to the fair, as she is going to be representing the CIAL.

Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell says if she has a QR code available, people can use their devices to download information. That way they can enlarge or manipulate it themselves they can do so.

Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell also offers her assistance and volunteers to put her email in the chat

Chairperson Jamie Martinez, stated he was excited to be speaking at the fair.

6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita Staff Liaison

Lisa Keita stated she has some general brochures with information on all the cities commissions for Commissioner Simukonda to pass out at the transition fair with QR codes so the information can be more easily accessible to visually impaired individuals.

Commissioner Rachel Simukonda asks where she can pick these brochures up

Lisa Keita suggests she can come to city hall if able, Commissioner Rachel Simukonda agrees.

Alan Keay follows up with info on the commission banner that they have been trying to get made. They have had some printer difficulties so he does not think they will get it made in time for the transition fare, but they will have it going forward for events after.

Chair person Jaime Martinez asks for the mockup of the banner; Alan Keay stated he will send it over after the meeting.
B. Estella Hollander Staff Liaison, NAIPTA
Estella Hollander updates us with a grant opportunity called 5310, available every two years, and will be available this winter. Available for nonprofits and government entities. This can help assist in the purchase and operation of vehicles, as well as retrofitting a vehicle with a lift or a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This grant will also be mentioned at the quarterly Coordinating Mobility Counsel meetings. She also informs the commissioners of the additional funds that have been given to NAU civic service Senior Companion program for them to continue operation of the program. Additionally, Hoizhoni was awarded a Ford Transit vehicle, which they then transferred over to Central Yavapai and PO regions for their operations in Prescott. Mountain Line also received funding for their subsidized taxi program. An 88 Plus program that helps provide paratransit citywide with same day bookings. They also received some mobility management funds to help cover staffing and other mobility improvements such as website mobility.
Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell mentions that the brochures that Lisa Keita mentioned for the transition fair already have QR codes on them, but if Commissioner Simukonda needs any further assistance, she is happy to help. Commissioner Simukonda mentions she has one more brochure she could use help with, and Commissioner Birdwell agrees to help.
C. Michelle Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI

Russell Randall stated that the community of practice transition team has been working to put together the transition fair this Friday the 28th. Russell also reiterates the points made previously in the meeting about the fair, then mentions there will be 12 different speakers. He is excited to have so many commission members attending the fair and welcomes everyone to come.

Chair Person Jamie Martinez asks If his speech will be being recorded. Russell Randall stated there is one breakout room will be recorded but he’s not sure about his speech. He believes he can have it be recorded and he will let Jamie know.

Chair Person Jamie Martinez called for a motion for the minutes of September 27th, 2022
Commissioner Monica Attridge motioned to approve the minutes; Commissioner Rachel Simukonda seconded the motion. All in favored.
There was no opposition, the minutes were approved.
The next meeting will be set for November 22, 2022.
Commissioner Attridge stated she will not be in attendance.
8. Date of Next Meeting - November 22, 2022
A. Commissioner Keith Becker-Discussion on Sidewalks and accessibility differently able people.

Keith stated, he is very happy that the city is putting in sidewalks where they do not currently exist whenever they can, but expresses concern when these sidewalks become obstructed and cannot be accessed by differently abled people. He would like to have monthly discussions on sidewalk accessibility going forward. He would like people to identify different types of sidewalk obstructions. He gives an example of trash bins being left out for up to 4 days a weeks and idenfied the dangers of these obstructions and states as a part of the commission he would like the group to identify solutions for these obstructions.
Commissioner Becker also stated he would like to identify the enforcement problems with sidewalk obstructions and the solutions the commission can come up with for that. In addition he mentioned identifying educational opportunities and legislation solutions with sidewalk obstructions.

Commissioner Becker explains how he has a hard time walking with his wife who is legally blind because of obstructions.

Commissioner Becker the commissioners read the Arizona House bill HB 2395 that declares sidewalk obstructions a violation of safety, but it is more vehicle related.

Commissioner Rachel Simukonda mentions how she can’t use her wheelchair in the winter outside due to the sidewalk obstructions. Commissioner Becker adds that they do not shovel a snow path big enough for a wheelchair.
Chairperson Jamie Martinez states he can relate to both Commissioner Becker and Commissioner Simukonda.

Alan Keay asked Commissioner Becker send him his list of items to assign them to meeting agendas each month and recommends calling in different departments for the different opportunities that may be out there and develop a plan for each topic.
Russ Randall asks Estella if the bus stops are accessible in the winter and upkept. Estella Hollander says yes the facilities team keeps up with the bus stops up until city property.

Commissioner Becker mentions the Mountain Line taxis do a great job of getting people around in the winter.

Martin Ince adds that the City does have a Pedestrian Advisory Committee, he suggests that we engage them as allies in this sidewalk obstruction effort. He will reach out to them.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanks Martin.

A. Rachael Simukonda discusses Disabled Parking outside the Police department and Jail. Opportunities at Butterfield apartments where there are "a few" sidewalks that don't have a Disabled Cutaway.

Commissioner Simukonda states, that she was talking with another woman in a wheelchair while in thr parking lot of the police station and they noticed there is a two in gap near where the concrete meets the asphalt and then it becomes a sidewalk. She explains how a wheelchair cannot easily get over that gap. The woman expressed that she wished there was something she could do to make the city aware.

Alan Keay states, he will reach out to parking to assess the issue and let us know next month what they can and cannot do.
Mayor Deasy recommends sending the issue to his chief of staff so they can address the issue on an administrative level.
Alan Keay says he will send the issue over to the Mayors chief of staff.

Commissioner Simukonda moves forward to talk about her client at Butterfield apartments, she is wheelchair bound and has no cutaway on the sidewalk so she can access the parking lot.

Chair person Jamie Martinez asks for Mayor Deacy’s input on this issue.

Mayor Deacy asks if it is private property, Commissioner Simukonda confirms, Mayor Deacy says he will give the apartment complex a call and to send an email over to his chief of staff with this request.

Chair person Jamie Martinez thanks Mayor Deacy for his contribution in this meeting.

Commissioner Keith Becker states anyone can put in a complaint to the department of justice who handles the ADA issues and the ADA would then reach out to the property owner. If there are ramps missing then they are not up to code.

Lisa Keita reminds everyone to please appear on camera when you are speaking if your cameras are working.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanks Lisa for the reminder.

Martin Ince, asked if they have accessible units and accessible parking spaces.

Commissioner Simukonda stated her client has done her retrofitting to her unit herself. The complex has one disabled parking space in their parking lot. She recommended to the office to check the law on disabled parking spaces. She says nothing has been done in the year she has been with this client.

Martin Ince suggests mentioning the issues to the department of justice, Commissioner Simukonda agrees and states she will help submit this request.

Russ Randall agrees they should submit a claim with the DOT because this has been an ongoing issue within the commission.
Chair person Jamie Martinez says he agrees and does not want to lose sight of this issue. He would like this issue to e placed on next months agenda as well.

Commissioner Simukonda states she will approach management again about the issues and help her client submit this claim, she will have an update for the next meeting. She states, 55% of flagstaff citizens will be considered elderly within the next decade.

Commissioner Birdwell mentioned to Keith that in a previous meeting there was a phone number mentioned to call when sidewalk obstruction issues arise. She has not had the chance to try the number yet, but she reached out to them during the meeting to get an update. Commissioner Birdwell, placed the number in the chat.

Chair person Jamie Martinez offers to assist wherever he may be needed. Rachel accepts and offers to make an appointment and discuss this further with him.

Chair person Jamie Martinez ensures the commissioners that the issues will stay on the agenda for next month.
Commissioner Becker offers to connect with Commissioner Simukonda about the rules and regulations he has been informed on regarding disabled parking and regulations. Commissioner Becker provides his email for Commissioner Simukonda.

Russell Randall adds that we used to have a parking ordinance liaison for the commission. He recommends reaching out to someone to come in to talk about those concerns. The team is unsure if Ms Peraulta is still available for this.
Chairperson Jamie Martinez adjourns the meeting at 1pm on Tuesday October 25th, 2022

The undersigned hereby certifies that a copy of the foregoing notice was duly posted at Flagstaff City Hall on                      , at                a.m./p.m. This notice has been posted on the City's website and can be downloaded at

Dated this               day of                                       , 2022.

Alan Keay, Human Resources Manager


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