OCTOBER 25, 2022
            12:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge
Keith Becker
Sarah Dorman

Stephanie Birdwell
Rachel Simukonda, Vice Chair
3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants

All commissioners should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room. The chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like. Commissioners should use the chat function to inform the Chair they would like to make a statement and the Chair will announce the Commissioners to speak in the order they appear in the chat.
4. Public Participation

5. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members

Commissioner Keith Becker: Picken in the pines, it was fabulous, full house on Friday and Saturday, Sunday was almost full we had a good time for all.

Martin Ince- updated on Buffalo Park accessibility improvements: I chatted with Amy Hagin Parks and Recreations, they have a half mile on the trails completed, with new materials that is accessible for wheelchairs, fixed the locations of the trial that had been washed out, working with a local designer for accessible parking spaces at the entrance of the park. Working also on new equipment with universal design. There are 18 different exercises in that loop. 6 will be replaced with universal design stations.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez- super excited about this, this has been a project that was at least 5 years in the making. Excited to see it get off the ground.

Russ Randall- Community of practice transition team, half a mile is using crush aggregate right? Martin stated, that was correct, and Russ verified the remainder of what Martin had stated earlier. Martin also noted he can get more information for Russ if needed.
6. Staff Participation
A. Lisa Keita Staff Liaison
  Lisa Keita- still moving forward with working on the hybrid availability for us to meet in person, or virtual, looking at next year to get on the calendar.
B. Estella Hollander Staff Liaison NAIPTA
  On August 26th, 2022, we had a mobility council meeting which a few of you attended. This meeting really focused on brainstorming either new or kind of reinforcing, transportation challenges for older adults and people with disabilities, as well as kind of strategizing on some new strategies that should be put into a coordinated plan. Which this plan is. This partnership with mountain lion and metro plan and is developed every four years. We are working on major updates this year, so I just wanted to bring to your attention a few of the challenges that were brought up in the group just to keep you all updated.

Transportation services for youth specifically, like CC and NAU, connections between the c colleges, these include like safety concerns with like the lighting and the blue phones that are throughout, but as well as I guess there’s quite a few CCC and NAU students that kind of go between the two campuses, and there’s not a great connection between those two universities or two schools. Also challenges for railroad tracks and mobility issues for wheelchairs. For example, people trying to cross the railroad tracks, bust stops access and just overall kind of neighborhood accessibility. So, whether that is just a lack of lighting in or lack of sidewalks or even the quality of sidewalks that also includes snow removal and that kind of thing.  We also looked at availability for wheelchair accessibility. Accessible vehicles like Ubers and taxi’s to be specific. We brainstormed on these issues and how to integrate better side walks and lighting. Also mentioned in the meeting was the barriers associated with sandbags related to flooding.

We also took a look at paratransit qualified people who may have some sort of a disability but may not fully quality for paratransit. There’s were some of the gaps that we found while brainstorming. These are just a few that challenges that we found, between the two schools. We will work on kind of prioritizing these issues and strategies in our next meeting in November. Then seek approval from coordinating mobility council in February.
Chairperson Jamie Martinez, thanked Estella, and stated he was honored to be a part of the process.
C. Michelle Eisenberg, Student Liaison HOZHONI
  Ms. Eisenberg stated that Russ Randall would include her update in his report. 
Russ Randall: Youth Liaison
  Mr. Randall stated that he had a few items to report. He stated that Coconino Community College hosted a community career fair on the Lone Tree campus on October 5th from 11am to 2pm. Jeremy reported that the NAU on disability access and design are hosting an information fair, by the Commission on Disability access and design on October 11th, between 11;30am and 2:30pm. High Country adaptive sports is looking for volunteers you can contact Jeremy Musgrove for further details. Raising special kids has initiated their parent training for the fall and for more information about that go to the Raising Special Kids website. For the Community of Practice Transition team, the team is hosting a youth fair on October 28th, 2022, between 9am and 12noon, and the keynote speaker will be Jamie Martinez. We are looking for other people to be speakers, and we are also looking for vendors.

Vice Chair Rachel Simukonda- asked if one or two commissioners be there to answer questions for students.

Russ Randall- that would be wonderful, and normally they will set at a table.

Vice Chair Rachel Simunkonda- asked if we had something to put on the table to pass out, such as pamphlets and a banner.

Staff Liaison Lisa Keita- stated she would look into this and send the information over to Jamie Martinez via email and CC Rachel Simukonda on the email.

Vice Chair Rachel Simukonda stated if we got the resources, I would like to go to CCC and NAU to talk about what the commission does, and she asked Russ Randall to send her the information so that she could get transportation because she is in a wheelchair also.

Commissioner Sarah Dorman stated she needed to check her calendar but interested in attending.

Commissioner Keith Becker, said he is busy with working in IT, but would like to stop by.

Russ Randall asked Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell if she could participate.

Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell stated she is not in the office that day but gave Russ Randall a contact person at NAU who could see who was available to attend the fair.  

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanked the commissioners for the willingness to participate.
Russell Randall, Youth Liaison
Commissioner Stephanie Birdwell motioned to approve the minutes
Second motion for approval was Vice Chair Rachel Simukonda
Minutes were approved unanimously.
8. Date of Next Meeting -October 25, 2022
A. Jeremy DeGeyter Project Manager for Capitol Improvements City of Flagstaff. Update
Regarding Library Accessibility (Ramp)

As many of you know we reached out to this commission to adopt a universal design with the library and the changes needed. We are converting the existing library entrance to be ADA compliance, and holds fast to inclusivity, that will be used by all people. Moving forward with the construction contract was awarded by city council back on July 5th, to Schultz contracting, notice to proceed was issued August 8th and the very first thing we did was found out that we have some additional work to do that was unanticipated related to our accessible route, for our temporary parking facilities. So, we have identified parking for the library in the city Hall lot, including two ADA spaces.

Along aspen ave, near the Milligan house we found out that we needed to bring all of those facilities that occurring ADA standards and so working with public works, we were able to add some work their contractor who works on their street maintenance program it delayed our project a couple of weeks, but we were able to rebuild three ramps, two curbs’ ramps, and 1 ramp right at the ADA spaces, be able to allow us to closed down the library entrance and move forward. We have currently been in the demolish phase but are approaching the putting things back together phase. Working with the contractors, that our final project is they way we desire it to be. We may open the library sometime this winter, the artwork may work to spring to be completed, but we will be able to open the entrance at some point and will have a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanked Jeremy for the update.

Russ Randall Youth Liaison thanked Jeremy also.

A. David Wessel City of Flagstaff Planning Manager, Update on Stride Forward, MetroPlan’s to the regional transportation plan

Mr. Wessel's presentation gave an overview of the changes in the metro plan development of transportation via the City of Flagstaff, it’s vision and mission moving forward to 2045. He stated, Metro plan covers the same area as mountain line transits. He also stated, that they also go down to kachina Village. Belmont West, north of the peaks and Winona.

Mr. Wessel stated, that he meets regularly with Coconino County, NAU, mountain line transit and the Arizona Department of transportation.

You can learn more about the plan by going to the website

Chairperson Jamie Martinez thanked Mr. Wessel for his presentation and requested a copy of the presentation.

Mr. Wessel stated, he would send it to the Staff Liaison Lisa Keita to send to the Commissioners.
B. Keith Becker-Discussion on Sidewalks and accessibility differently able people. Commission Members to discuss, advise, and plan for future agenda on this topic.Due to the time constraints, this topic was postpone to the next meeting at the top of the agenda.
Commissioner Keith Becker: Sidewalk Accessibility for differently disabled People.

Chairperson Jamie Martinez adjourned the meeting Tuesday September 27th, 2022 at 1:07pm.

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Dated this               day of                                       , 2022.

Alan Keay, Human Resources Manager


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