City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 10/18/2022  
From: Stacy Saltzburg, City Clerk

Future Agenda Item Request (F.A.I.R.): A Citizens' Petition to "deny zoning text code amendment change for the Switzer Canyon Wash Floodplain from rural to urban to maintain flood mitigation, protect a high natural resource area, and protect the biodiversity of the corridor"
Council direction. 
In accordance with Art. II, Sect. 17 of the Flagstaff City Charter, any citizen may present a written petition to the City Manager, signed by a minimum of 25 citizens from the City...who shall present it to the Council at its next regular meeting. The attached petition was filed with the City Clerk's Office on September 27, 2022, requesting that the City Council "deny the zoning code text amendment change from Rural to Urban for parcel APN: 10128005H and keep future development out of 100-year flood plain."

This matter is scheduled to come before City Council as a formal Public Hearing on November 1, 2022.  Because an application for text amendment has been filed, Council will still need to hold the public hearing and take action on the request for text amendment, irrespective of the disposition of this citizen petition.  
Chapter 1-12 of the Flagstaff City Code formalizes the information to be required, and the attached petition conforms to those requirements. As outlined in this chapter, the petition is to be submitted to the Council under Future Agenda Item Request (F.A.I.R.) to determine if there is Council interest in placing the item on a future agenda for consideration.
Petition #2022-05


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