City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 10/18/2022  
From: Stacy Saltzburg, City Clerk

Discussion and Direction concerning the Community Assistance Teams of Flagstaff Bus
Provide direction on requests from the Community Assistance Teams of Flagstaff
The City was approached by the Community Assistance Teams of Flagstaff with the following requests for consideration:
  • To be allowed to park the bus while not in use (including overnight) in the parking lot at the Sustainability Office/ Old Public Works Yard. If there is an available outside electrical outlet that we could use to charge our on-board battery we would like permission to use that as well. The cost to recharge the battery is a few cents, estimated at .36 cents for a full charge. If electricity is not available we can make other arrangements for that, but would still like to use that parking lot.
  • We have 220 gallon capacity water tanks on board and are requesting that we be provided fresh water by the City at no charge or a deep discount. The Bonito water fill station would be a convenient location, particularly if we can park at the old Public Works yard. Currently we will be refilling 3 times a week. By winter we hope to refill 7 times a week.
  • What goes in must come out and our third request is that we be allowed to dump our waste water into the City sewer system. The tanks are set up like an RV so we simply need a 3-4" cleanout into the sewer system to dump them.
  • Permission to park on the street in front of the Murdoch Center from noon to 6 every Wednesday. It is currently restricted to 2 hours.
In discussion with City staff the dumping mechanism needed to successfully dump at the Wildcat Wastewater Treatment plant would not exist on an RV or the bus, so a suggestion was made to dump at Black Barts' facility.
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