City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 10/04/2022  
Co-Submitter: Stacey Brechler-Knaggs From: Adam Miele, Senior Project Manager

Airport Drainage Plan Improvements - Update
This presentation is for informational purposes only.  Staff will provide an update regarding the Airport Drainage Plan Improvements design effort. 
The Airport Drainage Plan Improvements is a comprehensive plan to guide stormwater management at the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport for the City of Flagstaff. The drainage plan considers future development and buildout of the airport properties within the Airport Improvement Plan boundary and areas of known or identified flooding concern. The stormwater management improvements are intended to address surface stormwater drainage including collection, conveyance, quantity and quality design objectives, and environmental protections in support of regional stormwater management goals and strategies. The drainage plan includes a drainage design criterion, description of existing site conditions and drainage areas, existing conditions hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, proposed conditions hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, evaluation of proposed drainage improvements, alternatives analysis, and prioritization of recommended alternatives and associated cost estimates.
The drainage plan considers the following documents as design references:
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circulars (AC)
· FAA AC 150/5320-5D, Airport Drainage Design, August 2013
· FAA AC 150/5200-33C, Hazardous Wildlife Attractants on or Near Airports, February 2020
City of Flagstaff
· City of Flagstaff Stormwater Management Design Manual (Flagstaff SMDM), March 2009
· City of Flagstaff Low Impact Development Guidance Manual for Site Design and
Implementation (Flagstaff LID Manual), January 2009
Various Counties
· Coconino County Drainage Design Criteria Manual (Coconino DDCM), August 2020
· Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County (Maricopa DDM), December 2018
· Drainage Design Manual for Yavapai County (Yavapai DDM), July 2015
State of Arizona
· Arizona Department of Transportation Highway Drainage Design Manual (ADOT Hydrology), 2014
· Arizona Department of Water Resources Flood Mitigation Section State Standard for Hydrologic Modeling Guidelines (ADWR Hydrology Manual), August 2007


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