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Meeting Date: 10/04/2022  
From: Tamara Lawless, Water Conservation Manager

Water Conservation Strategic Plan Update
Discussion only. Council input on future/current programming is welcome.
Water Conservation staff will provide an update on the Water Conservation Strategic Plan, which was passed by City Council in December of 2020. Updates will include new programs that have been implemented as part of the Council adopted plan, as well as others that are up and coming. 
Water Conservation staff have been implementing the Water Conservation Strategic Plan since its adoption in December of 2020. As a recap, the plan was created in order to meet the following goals:
  • Become a national leader in water conservation in all sectors (previous Council goal)
  • Generate quantitative water conservation savings projects for use in Water Resources Master Plan
  • Ensure Water Conservation Program expenditures result in broad community participation and return on investment
Some new programming was delayed during the pandemic and subsequent recession/hiring freezes. However, staffing has remained stable for the last year and many new initiatives are underway. Staff will provide Council with an update on progress made and will preview upcoming new programs.

Based on an analysis of consumption trends from the past two years since plan implementation, we are on track to meet (or exceed) projected water savings. 
Water Conservation Strategic Plan 2022 Update Slides


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