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Meeting Date: 10/18/2022  
Co-Submitter: Jeff Bauman From: Mac McNamara, Capital Improvements Project Manager

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Approve the Construction Contract with Morning Dew Landscaping, Inc. in the amount of $255,630.00 for the Route 66 Monument Signs Project.
  1. Approve the Construction Contract with Morning Dew Landscaping, Inc. in the amount of $255,630.00 with a contract duration of 90 calendar days;
  2. Approve a contract allowance of $19,172.25, which is 7.5% of the lowest responsive bid;
  3. Approve Change Order Authority to the City Manager in the amount of $25,563.00 which is 10% of the lowest responsive bid; and
  4. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
Award of the Construction Contract to Morning Dew Landscaping, Inc. will authorize the construction of the Route 66 Monument Signs in accordance with the approved improvement plans prepared by The WLB Group.

The City of Flagstaff Beautification, Arts & Sciences Program seeks to install three (3) new monument signs along East Route 66 at locations 8, 9, and 10 as shown on the Route 66 Signage Master Plan prepared by the City, as well as the attached Vicinity Map.  These installations are part of the overall Route 66 Historic Trail place-making project supported by City Council as a discussion item in 2019 and included in a written update on the Route 66 Historic Trail to City Council in 2020.

The proposed monument signs will match the monument sign previously designed by WLB and installed along W. Route 66 at McAllister Ranch, except for omission of the “McAllister Ranch” placard inset into the monument pillar. The monument signs will be 16’ tall malpais (basalt) stone pillars tapering up from a 6’x6’ square base. Each monument sign will have a horizontal timber pole near the top from which the hanging panel sign will read “Route 66”, see attached Conceptual Rendering. The precedent for each of these monument signs is a sign located along historic Route 66 between Williams and Flagstaff at a turnoff to the Grand Canyon.
Financial Impact:
The Route 66 Monument Signs funded by:
  • Route 66 Interpretive Trail under BBB Beautification Fund from the FY 2022-2023 authorized budget of $243,855 (Acct #051-07-212-3391-5).
  • The remaining balance of the Route 66 Monument Signs Project.will be funded from 051-07-212-3419-5 within the BBB - Beautification Fund.
Policy Impact:
No Impact.
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Robust Resilient Economy
  • Embrace & invest in responsible tourism opportunities to promote economic development
Carbon Neutrality Plan
Not applicable 

Regional Plan
Goal CC.1. Reflect and respect the region’s natural setting and dramatic views in the built environment.
  • Policy CC.1.4. Identify, protect, and enhance gateways, gateway corridors, and gateway communities.
Goal CC.3. Preserve, restore, enhance, and reflect the design traditions of Flagstaff in all public and private development efforts.
  • Policy CC.3.3. Emulate the most celebrated design traditions of Flagstaff, particularly the pre-Route 66 and early Route 66 eras.
Goal CC.5. Support and promote art, science, and education resources for all to experience.
  • Policy CC.5.1. Promote first class arts, research, and educational facilities.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
The City Council has previously approved the FY2023 Capital Improvement 5-Year Plan and authorized the FY2023 budget for this Route 66 Monument Signs Project. City Council has also seen and expressed support for the overall plan for projects honoring the history and Flagstaff’s part in the Route 66 story.
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Construction Contract to Mountain Dew Landscaping, Inc. as recommended.  Approval will allow the Route 66 Monument Signs Project to move forward. 
  2. Reject all bids. This action would delay the Route 66 Monument Signs Project.
    1. If rejection occurs, possible options include;
      1. Re-advertise the Route 66 Monument Signs Project and open new bids or
      2. Suspend or cancel the Route 66 Monument Signs Project.
On July 28, 2022, the Purchasing Section posted an Invitation for Bids (IFB) solicitation for the Construction Contract on the PlanetBids' website and advertised the IFB in the Arizona Daily Sun on August 7 and 14, 2022. There was only one (1) bid received and opened electronically on September 2, 2022. Morning Dew Landscaping, Inc. was the only bidder and was determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
These three (3) Route 66 Monument Signs Projects will continue the efforts to strengthen the history and connection to Route 66 within the City through the Route 66 Historic Trail mentioned in page 1. There were twelve (12) monument sign initially contemplated with examples including the Walk This Talk and the monument at McAllister Ranch. The Route 66 Monument Signs will provide that connectivity along the course of Route 66 as the road enters the City from the east, as it passes the Flagstaff Mall, and as it joins with Highway 89A and moves through the center of town. The previously completed monument sign already sits where Route 66 enters Flagstaff from the west.
Contract with Morning Dew
Exhibit A - Special Provisions RT 66 Monument Signs
Exhibit B - Revision to MAG
Exhibit C - Bid Schedule
Vicinity Map
Conceptual Rendering
Context Map


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