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Meeting Date: 10/04/2022  
From: Amy Hagin, Parks Manager

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with The Public Restroom Company for the Thorpe Park restrooms in the amount of $279,482, plus applicable taxes.
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract in the amount of $279,482, plus applicable taxes with The Public Restroom Company to purchase and install a turnkey restroom at Thorpe Park through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Agreement 679-22; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
Approval of this Cooperative Purchase Contract with The Public Restroom Company will allow the City to purchase a turnkey (installed) permanent restroom facility at Thorpe Park. The current restrooms near the play structures and tennis courts consist of four (4) portable toilets in the summer and two (2) portable toilets in the winter at an estimated annual cost of $12,340. 

This purchase will provide for a year-round permanent restroom building with three (3) fully accessible units at one of the City's most popular regional parks. Parks staff worked with The Portable Restroom Company to customize standard features to be compliant with goals of the Carbon Neutrality Plan and the Water Conservation Strategic Plan, including LED motion sensor activated lighting, high-velocity hand dryers to eliminate paper towel waste, efficient radiant in-floor heating, dark sky compliant lighting fixtures, and Water Sense plumbing fixtures.The building also includes a utility chase for maintenance. The restroom building exterior features complement the other structures and natural features within the park, including a front porch space.  
Financial Impact:
An amount of $145,186.00 is budgeted within account 001-11-155-0561-5-4433, and the amount of $134,296.00 is budgeted within account 001-11-155-0567-5-4433.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Safe & Healthy Community, Inclusive & Engaged Community and Livable Community

Carbon Neutrality Plan
CNP-1, Reduce greenhouse emissions from City Operations, and CR-1, Community Resilience

Regional Plan
Goal PF.2, Provide sustainable and equitable public facilities, services and infrastructure systems in an efficient and effective manner to serve all population areas and demographics
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract in the amount of $279,482.00, plus applicable taxes, with The Public Restroom Company to purchase and install a turnkey restroom at Thorpe Park through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Agreement 679-22; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
In fiscal year (FY) 2018, $300,000 was budgeted within the Recreation portion of the Bed, Board, and Beverage (BBB) Fund for the design, procurement and construction of permanent restrooms for both Buffalo Park and Thorpe Park.  During FY 2020, the Parks Section delivered the restrooms at Buffalo Park utilizing these originally sourced funds. This created a challenge for staff to build a fund balance to deliver restrooms at Thorpe Park. After tackling a few deferred maintenance needs during FY 2021 and 2022, the Section is prepared to deliver permanent restrooms to the regional park.

During FY 2022, staff solicited through a request for information (RFI) process for estimates to deliver a restroom facility with local general contractors. The estimates exceeded the budgeted amount by over $250,000. With the success of the pre-fabricated structure delivered at Buffalo Park, staff moved forward with obtaining a proposal from The Public Restroom Company, as the process is a cost-savings and fiscally responsible.    

Purchasing staff identified a cooperative purchase contract with Buy Board to determine that there is a current and relevant agreement with The Public Restroom Company that would allow the purchase. Upon completing review, Purchasing staff developed the City of Flagstaff corresponding Cooperative Purchase Contract.
Key Considerations:
When considering the cost reduction measures that staff has proposed, the most economical way to provide permanent public restrooms at Thorpe Park is the turnkey structure.  All three (3) restroom units within the building will be fully accessible, producing a more functional restroom facility for the high use regional park.

The turnkey restroom is designed with both sustainable and water conserving considerations, including low flow Water Sense toilets and faucets, high-velocity hand dryers to eliminate the need for paper towels, motion sensor activated LED light fixtures, and radiant in-floor heating that will reduce the overall heating requirements of the structure. The exterior lighting will meet dark skies goals and the structure will include exterior elements that complement those already at Thorpe Park.

Parks staff currently use a private security company to close and lock all public restrooms after the parks close after dark. Parks staff then reopens the restrooms each morning. The new restrooms at Thorpe Park will be added to this service. Additionally, as with large events at other parks with permanent restrooms, special event producers may be asked to provide portable restrooms to alleviate overuse of the permanent facility. Event producers will also be asked to restock the restroom and ensure its general cleanliness at the end of the event.
Expanded Financial Considerations:
Community Benefits and Considerations:
Thorpe Park is a highly utilized regional park and is currently only serviced with portable restrooms.The new permanent restroom structure will provide for year-round restroom usage within the park grounds for the community.
Community Involvement:
Expanded Options and Alternatives:
CO-2023-27 Thorpe Park Restrooms
Exhibit A - Proposal -Quote
Floor Plan Drawing
Vicinity Map
Exhibit B - Agency Contract
Exhibit B - Approval Letter


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