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Meeting Date: 10/21/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

Pre-Application Meetings (PAMs)
Permit Number(s):  PZ-20-00169
Address:  306 E. Franklin Ave,
Type of Approval:  PAM - Inquiry about appropriate addition to 1952 structure from single-family to duplex.

Permit Number(s): PZ-20-000172
Address:  302 W Oak,
Type of Approval: PAM- :Inquiry about demolition of historic 71 year old mortuary (retains significance) for construction of a condo project. At minimum CR letter report.

Permit Number(s): PZ-20-000171
Address:  4619 S Lake Mary Rd
Type of Approval: PAM- :Lake Mary RV Park inquiry would combine several parcels to provide a commercial campground with RV's and Park models to rent.  Requested a Cultural Resource study by an archeologist be submitted with Concept Plan submittal.
Pre- Application meetings are so preliminary that it is difficult to know what direction the project will take. HPO efforts will always pursue the preservation of the resource while the applicant is informed of process and other potential such as incentives.
The HPO is being brought in earlier into initial reviews of proposed projects. A greater opportunity to effect projects should have a positive heritage preservation result. PAMs also provide for correcting submitted applications early, regarding application section "Property Information", which is almost never filled out correctly, and has 4 items to check which are heritage preservation specific (historic district, 50 years +, pre WWII housing, undeveloped land). It is HPOs sincere hope that early intervention will influence the direction of a project or at a minimum provide for improved Cultural Resource Reports that return to the public the lost value of the resource. Interface with other divisions of the Flagstaff Team have improved significantly.


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