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Meeting Date: 10/21/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

Building Permit Review: returned for correction.
Permit Number(s):  BP-20-01831-01
Address:  537 S O'Leary St
STAFF RECOMMENDED ACTION:- (gas explosion window damage) - Return for Corrections/HPC application required.

Permit Number(s):  BP-20-01922
Address:  918 W Summit Ave
STAFF RECOMMENDED ACTION:- Lumpkin Basement ADU (new from roof truss replacement review) -  1915 home with historic integrity -  Return for Corrections/HPC application required.

Permit Number(s):   BP-20-01945
Address:  314 N Beaver St.
STAFF RECOMMENDED ACTION:-, Demo of non-historic Unit # 4 ADU and rebuild - Approved with Conditions of documentation of previous determination of non-contributing with documentation submitted.

Permit Number(s):  BP-20-01859
Address:  303 N Verde St
STAFF RECOMMENDED ACTION:- , 1918 historic residence proposed deck expansion, submission incomplete - HPC application required.
537 S O'Leary - Provide complete information on selected windows - replace with quality windows which meet past Heritage allowances for aluminum windows. Match operation and installation with alternative when reviewed. A more appropriate historic restoration as an alternative has been recommended.

918 Summit - The roof replacement permit is being applied for independent of the basement ADU that is now being proposed recently. The roof replacement is being performed for structural reasons to accommodate the ADU.The permit submission for the roof is not reflective of the HPC review and preservation requirements; the saving of historic detailing and materials must be made part of the permit submission, which has not been done by the applicant.

314 N Beaver - Applicant has indicated in permit that Unit 4 ot the complex has been confirmed by others as noncontributing and can be demolished. HPO is awaiting confirmation of this with submitted report.

303 N Verde - Not enough information to evaluate impacts to historic home.- returned. Lot coverage of home may not allow for deck expansion.

HPO Reviews various Building Permits on an expedited basis, many that have required Heritage Preservation compliance requirements. The above projects have insufficient information for Heritage Review and are returned for corrections with a requirement of  providing additional information and as indicated an HPC application & fee independent of the Building Permit.


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