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Meeting Date: 10/21/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

Inter-Divison Staff (IDS) - with Heritage Review Requirements.

Review Dates of IDS - New Conceptual/Updates and Revisions/Admin Completeness/Substantive Review: 9/10/2020 - 1/24/2020

Project:SCA Paper Plant
Permit Number(s):
  PZ-20-00071-01 & 02
Address:  1600 Butler Ave
Type of Review(s):  Concept Plan - HPO site visit & consult with HR consultant mandated a Phase 1 Cultural Resource report to be submitted with Site Plan (first review w/concept plan) former SEA Paper - CR reporting undertaken by Cornerstone Consulting.

Project:Toaster Owl Shade Structure
Permit Number(s):  PZ-20-00160
Address:  12 S Mike's Pike, - Southside NR District
Type of Review(s):Toasted Owl Sun Shade Structure PZ-20-00160 12 S Mike's Pike (In Southside District, (adjacent to 56 year old structure on site) HPO determination of no adverse effect, complete process with Building Permit review. 

Project: Lofts on the Mesa
Permit Number(s):  PZ-20-00168
Address:1571 N Pine Cliff,
Type of Review(s)-  Cultural Resource (archeological concerns) applicant notified of requirements.

Project: Sky Cottages
Permit Number(s):   PZ-20-00153
Address: 2701 S Woody Mountain Rd,
Type of Review(s) Cultural Resources likely associated with McAllister Ranch and potential archeological concerns - requires site survey and Cultural Resource Report - completion of reporting within project reviews.

Project: Ellery Duplex
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00263-01
Address: 214 E Ellery
Type of Review(s) A proposed duplex is being added to a site with an existing historic duplex in the Southside National Register District, proposed new duplex does not meet Flagstaff design requirements as well as historic compatibility (requires District compatible primary elevation submission).
SCA  Paper- Cultural resource consultant (cornerstone) is providing an extensive Phase - 1 cultural resource report. HPO has discussed preliminary findings - Finding are extensive in regards to the history and processes and indication are that the industrial architecture of the main paper plant (west building) is significant in it own right. HPO has expressed that the western development of the site is not fully documents in the application submissions. The main paper production building is architecturally significant in the opinion of the HPO. The need to demolish the main western building should be justified with submitted IDS documentation. More extensive exploration of issues is required after review of the CR Report.

Toaster Owl - The proposed shade structure is compatible with the historic building within the Southside Historic District.

Lofts @ Mesa - This very preliminary submission to IDS proposes a large development on the Mesa,  a know location of archeological heritage resources. The applicant has been notified of survey and Heritage requirements.

Sky Cottages - Previous reviews have called out the Heritage requirements for survey and CR reporting, requirements are included in future reviews.
Ellery - The HPO is awaiting submission of the required primary (south elevation) for compliance with Flagstaff design requirements as well as Heritage compatibility review.

IDS reviews with Heritage Preservation concerns in most cases move onto HPC applications with recommended notification of applicant for requirements for Cultural Resource Reports concerning historic and archeological resources. With IDS reviews Heritage requirements are included early and with follow through. All IDS applicants with Heritage aspects have been contacted and notified of requirements.IDS reviews that have concerns with Heritage Preservation issues encompass approximately 1/3rd of the reviews. Each IDS meeting every other Thursday has approximately a dozen reviews (3-4 new) that need to be revisited through a 4 part review process to confirm that Heritage Preservation aspects are not a concern with plan changes that have occurred. 


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