Heritage Preservation Commission

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Meeting Date: 10/21/2020  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

Discussion: Downtown, Southside, Route 66 & Neon
No HPC action at this time. Discussion only.
Executive Summary:
In the past, the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) has stated that all neon signs proposed in the Central Sign District of Flagstaff should be reviewed by the HPC and not approved administratively. The attachment summarizes some of the questions that have been raised in HPO consultations with sign companies, property owners and staff. The HPO is requesting some discussion of these nuances to allow him to better guide applicants and staff in the process of developing proposals for signs that incorporate neon. At this time, staff is not proposing any changes to the City's Zoning Code, only assistance in interpretation.
Financial Impact:
Changes to City ordinances will have financial impacts, but are not proposed at this time.
Policy Impact:
At this time only a direction in design review is being discussed. Some long term determinations to ordinance would be a policy change but would only be implemented with other larger revisions and updates to ordinance.
Route 66 Neon direction
Excerpts from the Downtown Design Guidelines


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