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Meeting Date: 10/06/2020  
Co-Submitter: Stacey Brechler-Knaggs

Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2020-58:  A resolution approving an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Flagstaff and University of Arizona for water education through Arizona Project Wet.
1) Read Resolution No. 2020-58 by title only
2) City Clerk reads Resolution No. 2020-58 by title only (if approved above)
3) Adopt Resolution No. 2020-58
Executive Summary:
Approval of the Intergovernmental Agreement ("IGA") for the Flagstaff Water Education Program Between the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of the University of Arizona and the City of Flagstaff will formalize the partnership between the parties. Arizona Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) operates under the authority of the University of Arizona. Arizona Project WET provides water education throughout Arizona and has partnered with the City of Flagstaff on the annual Water Festival since 2005. Under this IGA, Arizona Project WET agrees to develop and deliver water-based K-12 educational content for Flagstaff schools, with guidance from the City of Flagstaff Water Conservation Program. This agreement will begin upon full execution and will continue for a 5-year initial term, with the ability to renew for an additional 5-year term.
Financial Impact:
Water Services has an on-going budget of $15,000 per year in Water Fund, Water Resources Section account number 202-08-304-1062-0-4290 for educational content, as described in the scope of work Exhibit A. Grant funds and/or sponsorship dollars have historically reduced the annual cost to the City. The City agrees to waive indirect costs so that the total funding provides a greater direct benefit to the project.
Policy Impact:
Collaborating with Project WET supports Council Adopted Water Policy D 1.1 on Water Conservation Education
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Key Community Priorities: Environmental Stewardship
Key Community Objectives: Enhance community outreach and engagement opportunities; Provide environmental community outreach, education, and volunteer opportunities.

Regional Plan
Goal CC.5. Support and promote art, science, and education resources for all to experience
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
There has not been previous council direction on this topic.
Options and Alternatives:
1.  Approve the Agreement; or
2.  Do not approve the Agreement and direct staff to support Arizona Project WET on an annual basis in a less formal manner.
Arizona Project WET has partnered with the City of Flagstaff Water Conservation Program on the annual Water Festival for 4th graders since 2005. During fiscal years 2017-2020, the two parties also partnered on additional water-based education for several FUSD schools, operating under a sole-source procurement. At the close of the fiscal year 2020, City staff proposed an IGA to formalize these programs under one umbrella, therefore eliminating the annual sole-source justification and scoping efforts.
Key Considerations:
This IGA formalizes the partnership that has existed between Arizona Project WET and the City of Flagstaff Water Conservation Program in some capacity since 2005. The execution of this IGA will clarify roles and responsibilities between the two parties and will streamline the annual provisioning of youth water-based education in Flagstaff schools on behalf of the Water Services Water Conservation Program. The annual Water Festival for 4th Grade students has served an average of 840 students a year in the 12 years of the program. The additional programming brings the Project WET curriculum to teachers in Flagstaff who request support in water resources and conservation education.
Expanded Financial Considerations:
This IGA specifies that up to $15,000 annually may be paid to Arizona Project WET for water-based educational outreach in Flagstaff area schools. The Water Conservation Program has helped to defray these costs in the past by providing the majority of the supplies for the annual Water Festival, by contributing staff time where appropriate, and by securing annual sponsorships of the Water Festival from local companies such as SCA Tissue and Fratellis Pizza. Additionally, Arizona Project WET received a grant last year through the Arizona Community Foundation that covered most of the additional programming funds to offer the Project WET K-12 teacher support. City staff and Arizona Project WET staff will continue seeking funds each year to offset the total cost.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
We believe that the development and encouragement of a water ethic in the Flagstaff community is essential to achieving our water conservation goals, which are a critical component of our long term water resource planning. Providing youth education on water conservation serves two purposes: first, it ensures that Flagstaff community members understand the value and importance of water from an early age. Second, students bring home information about water conservation from school back to their families. Outreach that occurs at school also ensures equity, since there are families in our community that do not have the ability to attend events where we would normally provide this type of outreach such as the Festival of Science or the annual Earth Day celebration.
Community Involvement:
The annual 4th Grade Water Festival is a wonderful collaboration between City staff, Arizona Project WET, and students from Northern Arizona University (NAU). NAU students and local teaches attend a free 6-hour workshop where they learn the water lessons from Project WET and City staff. This gives the students and teachers experience teaching the Project WET water units to the 4th grade students. The actual day of the event will see from 50 to over 100 volunteers of parents, city staff, and local business representatives. Sponsorship and support have historically come from SCA Tissue and Fratelli Pizza. With the closure of SCA Tissue, City staff will be seeking a new sponsor for the Festival in 2021.
Res. 2020-58
Arizona Project WET IGA
Exhibit A-Scope of Work


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