City Council Work Session - AMENDED

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Meeting Date: 01/10/2023  
From: Stacey Brechler-Knaggs, Grants, Contracts & Emergency Management Director
Department: Management Services  
Co-Submitter: David Pedersen & Brian Huntzinger

Inner Basin Waterline Project Update
This is an informational update on the Pipeline West Post-Wildfire Flooding, Inner Basin Waterline Disaster Recovery efforts.
The Pipeline Fire was reported on June 12, 2022, approximately 6 miles north of Flagstaff within the Coconino National Forest. The fire burned 26,532 acres, including portions of the Schultz Creek and Chimney watersheds. 

The post-fire flooding impacted the City of Flagstaff in July 2022 and caused catastrophic damage, including damage to the city’s Inner Basin Pipeline, Waterline (FS146) and Schultz Pass (FS420) roads.  The pipeline is exposed and broken in multiple locations and no longer able to provide water to the North Reservoir Filtration Plant.  Both Waterline and Schultz Pass roads are impassable in numerous locations. Spring water from the Inner Basin can peak as high as 2 million gallons per day (MGD) in summer months. Well water from the three wells (IB9, IB11 & IB14) in the Inner Basin has a similar peak capacity of about 2 MGD. The design capacity of the North Reservoir Filtration Plant (NRFP), where Inner Basin water is treated, is 4 MGD. Overall Inner Basin water can account for at least 20% of the daily potable water demand during peak consumption weeks of summer for Flagstaff.  In summary, spring and well water from the Inner Basin, flowing through the Inner Basin Pipeline and within both the Waterline and Schultz Pass Roads, is a significant supply of both potable water to the residents in and around Flagstaff, as well as fire-fighting purposes.

Repair and reinforcement of the Inner Basin Pipeline, along with repair of both Waterline and Schultz Pass Roads are urgently needed to ensure the health and safety of residents and safe, efficient, operations and maintenance of the Inner Basin water infrastructure.
Staff will present an update on the Inner Basin Waterline Project. 



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