Indigenous Commission

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Meeting Date: 01/05/2022  
From: Rose Toehe, Coordinator for Indigenous Initiatives

Introduction of Southwest Decision Resources (SDR), Inc.

SDR staff will share background through informational PPT on the services they are providing to the City of Flagstaff. Staff will conduct an external stakeholder interview with the Commission pertaining to the Thorpe Park Annex Parcel as part of public participation.
Participate as fully and openly as possible regarding this important topic and process. The information you provide will be critically essential and will play an integral role in advising City leadership and City Council.
Executive Summary:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Inclusive & Engaged Community
Foster community pride and civic engagement (SP)1.5/ 4.4/ (RP) E&C.5/ CC.1-6/ LU.3/ T.4/ NH.6/ ED.7/ REC.1
Facilitate and foster diversity and inclusivity (SP)4.3/ (RP)NH.1/ LU.18/ CC.5-6
Ensure city facilities, services, and programs are accessible for all residents (SP)4.1/ (RP)REC.1/ LU.10/ PF.2/ CC.5/ LU.1-2/ LU.6-7/ LU.12/ LU.18/ T.1-2
Thorpe Annex presentation


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