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Meeting Date: 01/18/2022  
From: Eliza Kretzmann, Beautification, Arts & Sciences Manager

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Approve a contract renewal with Foxglove Landscaping for a one year term in the amount of $80,155 for Flowers and Enhanced Plantings.
Approve the contract renewal with Foxglove Landscaping in the amount of $80,155.00 for Flowers and and Enhanced Plantings for 2022-2023.
Executive Summary:
The City of Flagstaff implemented a pilot flower and enhanced landscaping project in 2020 in Flagstaff’s historic core and built on this project in 2021. Two successful years of implementation have led the project to grow significantly in scope. Staff anticipated an increase and procured and drafted the original contract to allow for this increase, which you now see before you. The contract is for 2022-2023 (with an option to renew for an additional two years), and funded through Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) tax funds for Beautification. The contract reflects the increased scope, including:
  • Evolving from an aesthetic project to providing necessary infrastructure, including large metal planters for street and alley closures, wine barrel plantings that secure the gazebos in Heritage Square, and plantings to help protect people in ‘parklet’ projects (such as the Pay ‘N Take pilot parklet).
  • Shifting from seasonal flowers and plantings to a year-round project, with warm weather plantings and fall/winter plantings (that are also part of the Holiday program).
  • Increasing the geographic scope from downtown only to include the Southside and the Fourth Street Gateway.
  • Increased maintenance for the increased scope, with all maintenance included in the contract (in 2021 maintenance was shared with the City; now that the project has grown, it is not possible for the City to provide this maintenance with current staffing levels).
  • Additional elements, including approximately 40 hanging flower baskets, more than 20 wine and whiskey barrel plantings, a pollinator garden and other plantings in the permanent large planters in Heritage Square, large movable metal planters in the historic core and at the Fourth Street Gateway that can be moved for street closures, and a fall/winter planting program with about 25 evergreen trees.
The project offers additional benefits. For example, a recent study by Bloomberg found that the more beautiful a city is, the more successful it is in attracting jobs and residents, bringing in more income. The project also helps attract customers to local businesses during the challenging times of the pandemic, and directly supports Flagstaff businesses, including Foxglove Landscaping (the contractor), and local nurseries, metal fabricators and signage shops. The project also has high visibility; recent data from Placer AI shows that about 5.8 million visits were made to the historic core (downtown and the Southside) by over 2 million visitors in the last 12 months. Finally, the project has received positive feedback from our community and business-owners alike.

In March of 2021 Procurement put out an RFP asking for proposals to be submitted for the Downtown Flowers project. One submissions was received for the solicitation. That only submission was submitted by a local business from Flagstaff, Arizona.
Financial Impact:

The Beautification Bed, Board, and Beverage (BBB) tax revenues may be used for Beautification items such as this project. The project is budgeted through BBB funds for this fiscal year and has no impact on the general fund. The Beautification budget has sufficient funds for this contract now and into the future.  The FY 2021-2022 budget has $100,000 budget in 051-07-211-0825-5-4355 to support this project.  Additional funds will be budget in FY 2022-2023.

Policy Impact:

No significant policy impacts. One potentially minor impact is new language allowing private entities to purchase landscaping elements as part of the project if their proposal is approved by the City.

Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
PBB Priorities: Livable Community, Robust Resilient Economy, Environmental Stewardship, Inclusive & Engaged Community.
Council Goal: Economic Development: Grow and strengthen a more equitable and resilient economy.
Council Goal: Environmental & Natural Resources: Actively manage and protect all environmental and natural resources (applicable because of the pollinator and native plant species use).
Goal CC.5: Support and promote art, science, and education resources for all to experience.
Goal LU.11: Prioritize the continual reinvigoration of downtown Flagstaff, whose strategic location, walkable blocks, and historic buildings will continue to be a vibrant destination for all.
Policy NH.2: Look to downtown Flagstaff as the primary focal point of the community character.
Carbon Neutrality Plan: This project has negligible impact on Flagstaff’s Carbon Neutrality plan; however, it is part of an overall urban greening and tree program that sequesters carbon.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
No formal decision was made by Council on this project previously. An informational presentation on this project was provided to Council in September 2020.
Contract Renewal Form
Exhibit A Revised Scope of Work
Contract from Last Year for Reference


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