City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 01/04/2022  

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Approve the cooperative purchase contract with Point & Pay for payment processing services in an amount not to exceed $320,000.
  1. Approve the cooperative purchase contract for payment processing services for various City of Flagstaff locations (which may include additional locations at a later date) with Point & Pay in an amount not to exceed $320,000; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
The Point & Pay cooperative purchase contract provides for the procurement of payment processing services, including web-based and credit and debit card processing terminals at various City of Flagstaff (City) locations. The cooperative purchasing contract allows the City to increase its purchasing power and obtain a better value in the expenditure of public resources. Reduced fiscal resources have created an environment that supports increased levels of cooperation for the procurement of various materials and services. The services provided by Point & Pay are a necessity for the City of Flagstaff as the Management Services Division must continue to provide residents of the City of Flagstaff with locations to pay for services and increased technological advancements for the customer's convenience, to conduct business accurately and expeditiously.
Financial Impact:
Currently, the Revenue Section has $210,470 budgeted in account 001-02-033-0124-1-4290.  Other Divisions/Sections billed include Community Development, Police, ParkFlag, and the Cemetery.  The contract amount is for a higher amount to allow the city to increase locations using Point and Pay and growth in credit/debit cards and e-check payment processing transactions.   
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
High Performing Governance: Serve the public by providing high quality internal and external customer service and Enhance the organization's fiscal stability and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Carbon Neutrality Plan Strategy
MM-2: Encourage sustainable consumption.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Yes, Council previously approved a Point & Pay cooperative contract with Pinal County in 2017. The agency contract has since expired and been renewed.
Options and Alternatives:
  1. The City Council may approve this cooperative agreement for payment processing services in an amount not to exceed $320,000.
  2. The City Council may decline to enter into this cooperative agreement and direct staff to conduct a formal competitive solicitation.
The City of Flagstaff has been using Point & Pay since 2017. Point & Pay has an excellent performance history with the City of Flagstaff and other municipalities within Arizona and across the nation. The Pinal County cooperative agreement with Point & Pay will allow the City to continue to provide the necessary payment processing services at locations throughout the City. Point & Pay currently provides online, phone, and counter payment processing. Most payments are for municipal billing and community development. Integrations have also been created with ParkFlag and City water hauling stations, which allow for convenient payment options to customers including online and automated phone payments. Payments at the police station and cemetery are also processed by Point & Pay. Another valuable piece of Point & Pay’s platform is PayDici, an online account portal where customers can view bills, go paperless, set up autopay, and make payments.

Procurement staff reviewed the agency cooperative contract and determined it to be current and valid for purchasing the required services from Point & Pay. 
Key Considerations:
The goal of this cooperative agreement is to maximize contract pricing through volume transactions for payment processing at various City locations, as well as maintaining web-based portals, while helping leverage our purchasing power, obtaining maximum quality service through the contracted vendor. Other objectives are to build an internal network with Point & Pay for future years and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public procurement process.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The community will benefit from the consistent payment options they have become accustomed to. The payment processing services provided by the vendor are extremely valuable and a great asset.
Point and Pay Cooperative Contract
Statement of Work
Exhibit B Agency Contract
Exhibit B Agency Contract Amendment


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